1. I'd drive it...straight into a ditch because I would have lost control but I'd drive it.

  2. Smallest 40mm I've ever seen. The A10 would like a word..

  3. So they can now ignore another light on the dash.

  4. It's been known as the Exploder ever since the 4.0 cylinder head fiasco

  5. Yea I'm trying to find some imports but all I keep finding are substitutes.

  6. Find your local muzzleloder club. They will usually have powder available for members. You will have to go hang out with them once a month and have too much fun but its a small price to pay for supplies.

  7. I’ve been browsing the used plane market on the internet for over a year. Expect me to bill you shortly….

  8. So many! Top 10, but in no particular order or ranking

  9. What if we can't get sharks? Would sea bass work as a substitute?

  10. Yup. Track of the wolf can fix you up with the liner, tap and drill bit. It's easier with a mill or drill press but you can do it with a corded drill if you are careful. Remember, folks used to make these things with some seriously primitive equipment so just take your time.

  11. She was always plotting evil. She now has an office.

  12. Didn’t help me. Soybeans grabbed the nose gear and over we went!

  13. A friend who has a pilot family and a farm told me the corn is the best choice. Its much softer. He says the soybeans even tear up the equipment faster. Hopefully I'll never find out.

  14. Mature corn is only better if you want to stop in a hurry. It isn't going to be better for the airplane.

  15. If I'm landing in a field, the insurance company already own the airplane. I just want to survive so i can cash the check.

  16. Trailers have trailers these days. What a world.

  17. Because that means he didn't lose everything.

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