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  1. “He has an infectious smile!”

  2. 128GB memory on phone - 5MB voicemailbox

  3. I imagine he is headed to the kitchen to microwave some fish

  4. I find it kind of funny. I find it kind of sad...

  5. Ye controls his own brand while Busey probably has some other people with a good stake in him

  6. Then why did they take the pestle as well?

  7. it's so fucking weird. i was in a souvenir shop the other day where no real "service" was given. it wasn't even a restaurant. i was literally buying some scented candle or some shit and sure enough, the lady flipped the screen around for me to sign and there was an automatic 25% tip added. i had to deselect it to move forward and complete the transaction.

  8. That’s not normal. Either they are greedy or they setup their pay app as a restaurant.

  9. Well, first you need to get an agent, then you’ll need a good showing at the combine…

  10. “What about pro-masturbation groups”

  11. As a kid, the only time I read Family Circus was when it had this path. Otherwise it was never funny, yet somehow kept going. Like Kathy.

  12. I really wonder why anyone would bank with Wells Fargo but literally no matter how corrupt they are people still come. Like in my area there is wells and a huge credit union literally across the street from each other they have the exact same tech the credit union is better tho. The wells is so busy there is literally a line outside sometimes it’s true people keep using that bank I’m not surprised they are still top 4. I have a coworker who had wells open up multiple accounts and credit on his account and he still has not left lol. He says he doesn’t trust communist credit unions cuz they are liberal shit.

  13. My mortgage is with Wells Fargo, but not by choice. It was sold a couple of times within 2-3mos after a refi and not sits with WF.

  14. Remix to Ignition is officially back in my funeral program

  15. The cartel wants the gringos to cross SD and drive down the coast. They own all the bars and hotels. It's fairly safe to travel as long as you don't stray

  16. This - If you go to areas where the cartels benefit (tourism or manufacturing) you are fine. If you go to exploit for your own benefit, and step on their toes (like these ladies selling clothes), you are in for a rough time.

  17. Pretty much every media org carries water for the president. And even if she wasn’t, she probably didn’t want to acknowledge the swear word. Your choice of phrase “drunk rednecks” indicates your own personal hatred, which clearly affects your own judgment. Who knows what she heard but the recording was pretty clear to my ears.

  18. Every time I see a "Lets go Brandon" sticker, my gut reaction is always "What a fucking coward". Just pathetic and cringe. Wear a sticker that says "Fuck Joe Biden" and eat the consequences or just don't wear a fucking sticker/button.

  19. I like inside jokes - one day I hope to be part of one

  20. First thought as well. It’s a bad time to ship pallets of cards people!

  21. Its just a ploy from big card to justify a big price increase!

  22. Ah yes, UPN, the network that had Star Trek Voyager and... uhh... Star Trek Voyager reruns.

  23. The system should be discontinued, its a liability to people who actually are driving safely on the road.

  24. And/or equip emergency response vehicles with a beacon that stops self-driving mode within a certain range.

  25. This really goes beyond my training as a furniture salesman, sir.

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