1. Daytona has been so much fun in GT4 open, looking forward the endurance race this weekend.

  2. I can't wait for it. I just hope that people are sensible enough to understand that races cant be won in the first few laps. This is going to be interesting. I wonder if it would be possible to fuel save and do this with just 2 stops. With the draft being so good, it would make sense to just hang back behind someone and just drive smart.

  3. Most of the cars are very similar in pace now (RIP Lambo and Ferrari) but the Porsche seems to be far better on its tyres during the race. I ran the Audi last night in VRS, started from pole and got mugged by Porsches after a few laps and I was running my best laps all week. The same thing happened last week to the Merc drivers. I would love to attribute this to a skill issue but it's present at the sharp end of top split as well, fixed race is fine to the other cars but the 40m race is a new Porsche Cup.

  4. Ferrari and Lambo - The only 2 GT3's i own! lol

  5. Its the worst design by far. How and why heusinkveld did like this is a mystery. Barry commented during this review and i would have thought they would have changed this by now. I ordered mine a couple of months ago and had to replace something. Has to take the entire thing out and it was a PIA

  6. On road every wreck is avoidable. If you get caught up in things it just means your awareness or racecraft isn't very good.

  7. I think some people just don’t give a damn. I just finished a fixed Ferrari where a guy jumped the start by hanging behind, proceeded to brake check the guy he overtook on the racing line (May be he intended to give the position back, stupidly), then caused a wreck in T1. I get a 4x and some minor damage. I then proceed to have a pretty good fight with another guy and we are P6, P7. Last lap and I have a great slipstream. I would have got him on the line but he swerved on to me when we were side by side. May be it was intentional or he probably want to scare me off, but it was a stupid move giving both a 4x and left a sour taste in my mouth after such a good race. Although I am happy with the end result I was left disappointed with the racing. I have just come to accept that this is part and parcel of this service and you just have to move on. And don’t even get me started on the guy with 4K IR and above. They stupidly get into an incident on lap 1 and then proceed to flash you throughout the race as if you are a back marker and will try a you brake or we both don’t finish move.

  8. He didn't ruin the green cars races. That was entirely his fault. Going three wide into there is a death sentence. They both deserve what they got

  9. I don't think a lot of you should be on the service. You're the people who ruin races into T1 at Monza. Stick to need for speed and save the rest of us

  10. No change of Tires required. Unless you seriously abuse them and have spins every other corner or have serious lockups, they hold fine.

  11. And having serious lockups with abs is really hard to do

  12. Exactly, you would have to really have a shitty race if you have to change tires in 20 mins

  13. Thanks a lot everyone, some very valuable inputs here and I will take these in stride. Let’s see what improvements I can make in the coming weeks.

  14. Nice one, I’ve also had a decent iR increase this season. Where did you get these stats?

  15. I could have probably ended with 2.2k if I did not make bone headed decisions sometimes. Anyways, its all part of the learning process.

  16. Im confused how are you gaining IR if your ave finish is 14th? Or am i reading the chart wrong

  17. My average finish is kind of skewed because I can't manually go through each IMSA races and see which ones included LMP2's. So is my Top 10's slightly. Even though i finished 7th in GT3 class, the final position will include the LMP2's. My average start and finish is about 13 and 12 if i exclude the LMP2's. So not a huge difference but you get the point.

  18. If you have your name centre on the relative you only see the 3 cars ahead and behind. If a car spins in front of those 3 you won't notice until the car in front swerves out of the way and there's a slow car right in front of you.

  19. Exactly it’s not black and white like everyone says. It’s easy to say use your relative, but sometimes you also rely on other drivers to drive sensibly. I was in a 4 car gaggle, he let 3 cars go between 1 and 2, I was the last one and he couldn’t wait no more and spoiled my race. He came up so quick on my relative as a back marker and I genuinely thought at that time he was just a little slow, not 20-25 secs slow and limping. I found a solution. I usually have best time on the race lab apps relative overlay and the last lap time on the main standings overlay. I am going to switch them so I can have the last lap on the relative overlay, that way I would know if a lapped car is a limping one or a fast car that just had an incident.

  20. I’m just trying to make the pits so I’ll be on track for one lap max.

  21. Yes, that’s what I do as well, and I surely don’t drive 20 secs slower ruining others races

  22. As if that would make a difference. This is the team that failed to backup their lead driver in Monaco and Silverstone when the points were closer.

  23. Local hardware store. You get nylon spacers anywhere. Check online. I got something like this

  24. I do 3 series. IMSA, GT3, GT4. I do mostly the open in GT3 and GT4 but when I am bored and don’t want to wait longer I might hop into the fixed. Its literally 2 series for me as IMSA and GT3 have same tracks and I drive the same car. When I don’t own a track in either I tend to try something else for that week like the European Sprint series or the LMP2.

  25. Can anyone help with what I am seeing in VRS? This is in GT4, Fuji, 1st turn. My braking curve (in red) is super wierd, I am not pumping the brakes but it seems like I am on and off it. Its puzzling as i dont see this in any other corners. I know that i am super early and lost a ton of time but i guess there is something really wrong either with my driving or possibly the pedal? I am out of troubleshooting idea so reaching out to see if anyone can point me in the right direction. I am 0.7 sec down on this turn alone.

  26. Being doing this for 3 years and nothing happened. Stop spreading rumours

  27. Cancelled credit card a month before renewal, they messed up the cancellation and then charged me. Complained only for them to cancel the card but not return the money. Complained again and they made me run around for a month. I have 2 accounts with ADCB and was privilege. Moved elsewhere but apparently every bank has issues. My problem is not the fact that they messed up my cancellation. I understand that shit happens but when they take weeks and months to solve something as simple as this is what frustrates me. ADCB is not bad, Mashreq takes the cake on that one.

  28. No it does not get voided. You would be able to join if the session is still ongoing and you will be a lap or two depending on how long it takes to rejoin. You might end up losing Irating too. It has happened to be so many times.

  29. normally you still loose ratings if YOU loose connection to the server. What the OP was talking about was the servers going down globally for the server maintenance that happened over an hour ago. In that case, the session is voided and all drivers loose nothing.

  30. Ah, indeed. I did not pay attention that everyone was kicked out too.

  31. T1 is so deceptive. Believe me, the slower you are through T1, the faster your lap times are. There is so much time to gain in the uphill towards T3 that you have to sacrifice the entry speed and maximise the exit speed. I also found GT4s extremely tricky on the first 2 laps. I was trying to warm up the tyres so much that I went off track during warm up lap! Patience is key in the first 2 laps.

  32. I’ve got 2 pucks attached directly under way the seat.

  33. I can watch F1 on Sundays now, instead of sneaking my phone from my boss during the race

  34. Amen to that. Not just F1, many sporting finals.

  35. I skipped imsa this week. Last season this place crushed my sr.

  36. Tell me about it. I just did for participation credit. Bad race but atleast did not lose either SR or IR. That’s it for me. No more long beach this season

  37. I'm still pretty new to iRacing what is the participation credit mean?

  38. You can earn up to $10 per season of Iracing Credit for participating in a number of races. More here -

  39. Remember, the time it takes to put fuel in the car before the start of the race is free. After that, there is a cost.

  40. Indeed probably a very valid point on the pit time. I probably think that’s where everyone lost time compared to me.

  41. I find it varies a LOT from track to track and race to race. Some tracks inherently leave you with a nice gap to drop into if you pit just when the LMP2s come round, some just drop you into traffic. And of course depending how the first part of the race goes for everyone you can end up with enough field spread that you're gonna cop traffic either way.

  42. See, it was definitely worth it yesterday but with over 150 starts in VRS sprint and IMSA, I never tried taking on less than a full tank until yesterday. It seems to be that almost everyone takes on full tank so I absolutely see this working for someone who had a poor qualifying to try something like this. Take less fuel, make up positions at the start and then try to get positions in clean air by avoiding LMP traffic and on track battles. But then again, it might totally backfire. I do think yesterday was an anomaly and everything aligned for me. I am going to do 50% of my races in this week using alternate strategies and see how it is going to work out.

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