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  1. It's a phone, so doesn't need to be that pricey in my opinion, I'll gladly switch to an iPhone 13 or something but I can do so much more with such amount of money.

  2. Russian media be like "UKraNiAn SolDiEr PeRfoRmiqng NaZi SiGn"

  3. hey I don't really like him but lets not discredit him for what he's done, already a huge step, it's taking a while yeah but things are moving.

  4. Journalists giving their opinion is the only damn thing here endangering democracy.

  5. you shot at the very tip of his head, that's something you want to keep doing, the problem here is I assumee the MOA, please look up for explainations of the MOA stat in tarkov, it is the reason you miss some viable shots

  6. When someone dies in a somewhat realistic look in the game i photograph (not a freak, just enjoy realism, this goes for destroyed vehicles too)

  7. You don't need to hide that you are a freak, the entire realsim community are freaks.

  8. look for after conflict... it is in development but half the team is ukrainian so it is being slowed down, looks ppromising and has some very interesting planed features like bullets fragmenting on concrete, rocket ricochets, tracers lighting up the grass, everything a gun nut would dream of. But tbh I doubt it'll ever release

  9. Et de toute façon nos 5.56 seront obsolètes contre des armées utilisant des gilets pare-balles et casques Altyn 2.

  10. Je ne pense pas que avec notre doctrine actuelle la létalité et les armures soient des problèmes c'est bien plus complexe que ça. La 5.56 est bien assez puissante pour mettre un soldat équipé d'une armure hors combat, ce qui est le but premier même avant tuer. Et surtout ça implique que chaque unité a son nombre de munition largement réduit à cause du poids, même si ton fusil passe les plaques balistiques comme du beurre si tu tombes a court de munitions plus vite que l'ennemi il aura l'avantage. Donc plus de puissance de feu mais au détriment de la suppression.

  11. Les photos militaires sont purement marketing, surtout celles de l'OTAN. Entre le marketing et la réalité du terrain, il y a un monde. Le gars a clairement pris la pose et fait semblant de viser quelque chose.

  12. oui ? mais donc ils posent avec leur position d'entrainement... tu peux voir sur tous les reportages que les francais se différencient par la façon dont ils tiennent leur arme comparé au reste de monde

  13. What’s funnier about this is that all of them are about 5’3”

  14. Wow that's true, look at the guy on the left the AK is more than Half the length of his body damn

  15. CEO said they are aiming for a launch this summer.

  16. I waited, it's summer, what happened with the launch ?

  17. They’re probably used for American themed parties or something haha. Like how piñatas are for Mexican themes in the US.

  18. As a European families use them for anniversaries, teens use them for beer pong

  19. I just told you France is to blame, but you couldn't fucking read before jumping on your keyboard. And also not true most Algerians arriving in France stay.

  20. Uhh I was about to contradict your point but I've never killed someone irl... Wait

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