Marshal Iwaasa Disappeared and His Truck Was Found Burnt Up 700miles Away, Without Him - No One Knows Anything About What Happened and Nothing Makes Sense

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  1. I’m having the same issue and it’s really annoying. Sometimes in a comment thread it will show someone replying to the username when the original comment shows the display name and it’s making things SUPER hard to follow.

  2. same! this just happened to me. last time i fixed it by logging in with my phone number instead of facebook but it happened again and i can’t fix it. i have no idea who is who.

  3. nope. i have a lot more than this actually that i wear in public, ha. no shame in my game.

  4. i keep picking central, too. i’ve only had them win twice. i just keep picking central.

  5. I’ve been trying to do the same. I’m going to try again when it resets this weekend of anyone is interested.

  6. yes :( a lot of the tips are from 2-3 updates back and no longer apply.

  7. I have extracted teeth of longterm patients that appeared to have absolutely nothing wrong with them, but consistently caused the patient pain. Lots of documentation over time tho, obviously, and try other things first if patient is willing.

  8. NAD (insurance) but i had #2 & #15 extracted in my early 20s, I’m in my mid 30s and have zero regrets. i needed jaw surgery and ortho as a kid but didn’t get it so the overcrowding caused so much pain all over. despite knowing what i know now, i’m still thankful to those dentists that extracted 2 restorable teeth of someone so young for the greater good that is my overall dental health.

  9. Bro aspen is garbage. They made me leave SOBBING. I knew I had bad teeth. Never went to the dentist growing up. And was mid twenties ready to take control of my teeth. I was terrified already. Embarrassed. I get in the exam chair and they start doing the thing where they point out tooth for tooth and map what needs fixed. After he finished he looked at me sternly and said like he’s better than me, you know every one of those I called out is a cavity or an extraction right? Like I’m fucking stupid and didn’t know how bad everything was. I start crying asking how much to do it. And he said around $10k starting. And I lost it. I had no savings no nothing just really struggling and that was just icing on top. I was in the financial office looking at payment plans with the girl crying and trying to talk through my sniffles and sobs. I was broken demeaned and felt like a piece of shit on someone’s shoe when I went there.

  10. work for insurance, this story is something i hear dozens of times a day. PCD is just as bad.

  11. Dentistry would be great if the teeth weren't attached to people

  12. You should have done a subreddit or discord, not many ppl use Facebook

  13. there is a subreddit and discord server, neither which are really active but I’m game!

  14. Yeah it seems like everyone came with the goal of attacking fetterman, which makes sense since he's the front runner. I haven't liked Kanyatta so far(I'm only about halfway through though tbf), Lambs my halfway point winner rn lol

  15. i don’t know why but conor lamb just gets under my skin. i can’t stand him. he’s just an average middle aged white politician. i cannot properly articulate my dislike for him and i apologize. i just, ugh.

  16. you hit the nail on the head, holy shit! from why i don’t like lamb, to why i like fetterman (he really was terrible last night) and was impressed by kenyatta. i’ve loved john since the lieutenant governor primaries. i do go real hard for him because i feel he is genuine. i don’t doubt for a second that he loves this state and its constituents unlike lamb and 99% of people in washington. what i am not okay with is that it is apparent he’s not racist but he couldn’t look kenyatta in the face when he was speaking to him on stage. just acknowledge that what you did is wrong and that it does not define him as a person. it’s not hard. maybe there’s some political strategy i’m not aware of but i don’t want to have to vote for him, i want to want to vote for him and after last night, i don’t. kenyatta easily won that debate and who i would vote for if the primary was today. i’ll save my rant that PA won’t vote for an openly gay black man for another day.

  17. i hate a lot of the people in PA, but i don’t hate PA. i fucking love this state which is hilarious since i’m in NEPA. we just have transplants and lifers who like to complain because they have nothing better to do.

  18. If you've watched enough anime and Iron Man battles, this was a fair assumption.

  19. i don’t even know what iron man is but i definitely don’t watch anime. i’m just.. dumb and ignorant to a lot.

  20. Does anyone know if there is a reason the rockets fly out in the order they do or is it more or less random?

  21. I've added a link to the Facebook group in the OG post along with a little extra information♡ I really appreciate your help!

  22. i appreciate you for sharing it! i follow a lot of missing indigenous women cases but like i said, this one just really struck me. did we ever get an update as to why the university he was attending wouldn’t let the family post posters? or if their PI found anything? i found the gofundme but there wasn’t any recent activity on it. i’ll double check the fb group.

  23. does boris johnson own a hairbrush? his hair always makes me laugh. also, anyone who is orthodox isn’t celebrating easter until the 24th.

  24. also, never go down the russian history rabbit hole but if you do, i have lots of suggestions.

  25. oh my god, this is literally me. history gets me every fucking time.

  26. I'm a woman and this disgusts me. I've even "free bled" before and it certainly wasn't like this. Period blood isn't the most disgusting thing to come from the human body but it is definitely not meant to be dribbled everywhere. At the end of the day it is a bodily fluid. It should be cleaned up and contained just like anything else that comes from our bodies. She should try period panties if she dislikes traditional menstrual products and if she won't do that or clean up after herself then she deserves to be dumped. The fact that she's let it accumulate to the point of having a smell makes me nauseous.

  27. honestly, if she doesn’t want to deal with anything should just wear adult diapers. i had a bisalp and got my period immediately after. since i was in so much pain and couldn’t empty my disc or change my period panties as often i opted for a diaper. thankfully i didn’t have to leave my house but, seriously they’re not that bad.

  28. Pediatric dentist here -- if you wait too late and are breastfeeding/bottle to bed or feeding ad libitum, by the time your child is 2yo, they can have severe decay on their teeth (baby bottle caries/early childhood caries)

  29. this is the only right answer. the amount of 2-3 year olds needing a grand or more of dental work i see is mind blowing.

  30. also not legal advice but i work for a dental insurance co - call them and file a complaint, regardless of the check status. you should have 2 options, financial and quality of care. they’ll request your records, your treatment plans, everything from the dental office and review it if the dentist is contracted. you said premier so it sounds like you have delta. some insurance companies put it in their contracts for providers they can’t bill you their billed rates up front. if for some reason he’s not contracted you can file a complaint with your state dental association.

  31. NAD but patients are idiots that don’t listen to a single thing you’re saying and even if they were, they don’t understand the anatomy of a tooth or what can happen or what’s involved. i work for an insurance company and i can assure you, they don’t listen and they don’t care.

  32. honestly, i hope putin is scared because if this turns nuclear, my money is on NATO. unfortunately the man is to stupid to be scared.

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