1. Your baby looks like my big girl Winnie!!! Gorgeous 🥰

  2. Be honest you spoil them that’s why they’re ridiculous

  3. You have no evidence of this… apart from my entire post history

  4. We had a boxer who did this as a puppy. We had an older Boston Terrier at the time and the Boston would always greet guests with a tennis ball in his mouth because he expected everyone who walked through the door to throw his ball for him to chase. Our boxer was always trying to imitate our Boston when he was a puppy, so he picked up certain habits that he didn’t quite understand. Now that he’s an adult, he always greets guests with a tennis ball in his mouth, but he doesn’t know what to do with it when they grab it and throw it for him, he just stands there wagging his butt because he thinks that giving guests tennis balls is just proper etiquette.

  5. How is Winnie doing with her? Soooo weird, but I have a 5 year old named Winnie and I’m thinking of getting another female Boston. I’m worried that Winnie will be so jealous though. She’s very attached to me.

  6. Evie lives with my partner and I whereas Winnie lives with my mum (but we stay over often). Winnie is the epitome of an only child tho, she’s extremely bossy and does not like to share!!! It shocked everyone how well she does with Evie. Winnie is so tolerant and secretly loves her. If both dogs lived together they would be inseparable I’m sure. Your Winnie will definitely adapt and grow to love a new pup, it just takes time 😊

  7. This is amazing 🥺 gorgeous babies ❤️

  8. Happy birthday beautiful bam 🥰❤️🥳 I can’t believe he’s one already!!!

  9. What a beautiful pup!!! No way he’s 13 🥺

  10. I’m so sorry this happened!! Please don’t feel bad for your response - it’s the most horrible and unexpected event to witness. My pup Evie got attacked a few months ago and I was totally useless but I feel more confident now some time has past and I’ve done my research. I’m based in the UK so we’re not permitted to carry bear/pepper spray. I ordered this instead

  11. Winnie always used to steal socks off your feet as a pup whereas Evie scavenges the dirty washing 😹😹

  12. OMG this is too cute. Love the bug eyes!

  13. About 5 mins before she had a stomach ache and made me think she was poorly!! Clearly made a speedy recovery 😹🥰

  14. I’m so so so sorry sending you lots of love ❤️❤️

  15. Not Boston specific but enforced naps for the lil pups is a life saver!!!

  16. So funny. This was like our old Boston. “I don’t want another dog”. I got her anyway.

  17. I’m so sorry for your loss - they’re amazing little creatures and I’m sure she had the best life. The pain of losing a pup is indescribable. My boyfriend actually suggested her sleeping in the bed instead of her crate too. This is now a permanent thing lol but they’re not here forever so I’m always happy to have the baby sleep with us 🥰❤️

  18. Winnie was one of my favorite Bostons on this sub, and I love that Evie is just as adorable lol.

  19. Awww thank you - they’re both my babies!!! I don’t get to see Winnie quite as much but now Evie is older it’s definitely easier. We usually rent a private dog park every week or two so they can play together 😊

  20. Bam is SO handsome - he has 80s Tom Selleck vibes if that makes sense. Pebbles looks gorgeous too but I don’t have a weird comparison to give her 😹😹😹🥰

  21. Gorgeous 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 happy birthday mr K!!

  22. Evie just had pink eye ☹️ started in one and spread to the other. The vet checked her eyes for damage and gave us some drops - all cleared up now!! I hope she feels better soon ☺️

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