1. Girl…… she’s looking bigger!! 😢😫🥰🥰

  2. She’s so much bigger than Winnie now!! Where did my tiny pup go 🥺

  3. That's too funny, Zoey does the same thing!

  4. Look at that sweet sweet sleepy pout 🥰🥰 Good girl Evie, can’t bring this little girl down! 😍

  5. Oh definitely! She’s the happiest little girl, we’re so lucky to have her 🥰

  6. OH NO I'm so sorry someone attacked her 😡

  7. Thank you ❤️ she’s totally fine thankfully, I just need to emotionally recover 😅

  8. Thank you so much!!! Mel sounds amazing and I’m so sorry that happened. Sadly I was beside myself and don’t really remember what I was doing apart from screaming at the owner. A kind woman punched the dog in the face and saved Evie. She was a total badass ❤️

  9. I would probably have gone POSTAL on that flippen dogs owner and would probably be sitting in jail right now. 😆

  10. Rant appreciated!!! I finally got the money back today after 8 days and a lot of nagging. I’m reporting the owner to the relevant authorities and warning other small dog owners. Some people really suck and shouldn’t own dogs they can’t control (especially off leash when my puppy is on leash 🥲🥲🥲)

  11. Evie is exactly the same!!! She goes nuts when she greets most dogs. I’m gonna see a trainer soon about manners outside because the girl has none 🥴

  12. Im so so so so sorry ❤️ the most beautiful girl ever

  13. Winnie, Evie and I are so happy she’s okay!!! Sending love and hugs xxx

  14. Thank you for the love, Winnie, Evie and momma! 🥰🥰 we want to see a post of you gals soon! ❤️

  15. We’re all having a sleepover for a few days!! I’ll try get them to stay still for some pics 😅😅❤️

  16. What a proper young lady, with that stiff upper lip 😂❤️ Hope she had fun!!

  17. Synchronised carpet swimming 🥺🥰 adorable

  18. But do u have games on ur phone 🥲 he’s so gorgeous xx

  19. Winnie has a kong elephant named smelly nellie which is her fave to suckle on 😹😹😹

  20. So fun!! 🥰 I really can’t get over Evie looking like Winnie’s mini me 😍😍

  21. She’s nearly as tall! Evie’s gonna tower over Winnie for sure 🥰❤️

  22. Oh yes, we have one of those locally - it's just a shame you have to pay when they're so freely available in the states! Still working on recall with my pups though - don't think I'd get them back if I let them off the lead!!

  23. Oh totally! I hear some horror stories from the US about off lead dogs tho. We’re nowhere near with Evie’s recall so I feel you 😅😅

  24. Evie's like "noooope no tunnel" and Winnie is like, "outta my way loser" 🤣❤️

  25. Omg what a gorgeous boy, I’m glad he’s better!!! 🥰

  26. Sweet baby I hope she gets well soon 🥺❤️

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