1. Like Peterka or Ruotsalainen? Those two have very different values...

  2. Was there even an article stating what exactly he did? Any info would be greatly appreciated

  3. Thank you for that, I genuinely got a good laugh out of something on this shitty platform for the first time in months.

  4. Lol show me a team that thinks a guys personality or “development” is more important than winning and I’ll show you a losing team

  5. This isn't a video game where you acquire the best players with no regard to personalities, leadership qualities, relationships, etc.

  6. Bro we have a massive need at goaltender. Last year clearly demonstrated that to anyone watching.

  7. You know what's funny, I almost feel like Power is going to get the tough matchups and Dahlin will be sheltered. But yea, obviously he won't get zero points on the PP, but it's going to be an uphill battle for him.

  8. Your username apparently didn't show up for the downvotes.

  9. Maybe they didn't like my sarcasm? I refuse to believe that people took me seriously when I said the Sabres would go 0-0-82.

  10. So if Forsberg moves what happens to Johansen and Duchene? Do they also get moved to clear cap room and rebuild?

  11. Hes scored over 20 goals 4 times in 15 years. It's pretty unlikely that he produces like that again. He's also taking a roster spot up from a prospect.

  12. The only think I can think of is that it says Winnipeg but has the Sabres logo and color on the last line.

  13. I think Pulijarvi is a buy-low, but he’s also a project. Might not be the best fit for the Sabres.

  14. Every team has a 50% chance to win the cup. You either win it or you don't! /s

  15. Johnson is only going into his 3rd college season so the team still has control for all of next summer.

  16. You're right my bad on Johnson, that sucks tho he is definitely walking.

  17. Yeah, I like Johnson but he doesn't have a spot on this team with Dahlin, Power, and Sammy. Hoping Adams is working on trading him, ideally as part of a package. Adams might have to look at trading Portillo too as Levi is clearly the goaltender of the future as of right now and we have UPL as well.

  18. There's a cap floor and he needs to hit it. This isn't NHL EA where you would just sign 2 guys to a 1 year 10 million+ contract.

  19. And currently, if you add around $4m for Olofsson (which seems to be what people think is a reasonable contract for him), they are about $10m under the floor. They are still short 2 goalies, and a blue liner.

  20. I think Olofsson gets moved, but anyway say he doesn't, I expect UPL to make the team so that leaves 10 million for a goalie and a blue liner. Say that's 6 million each, that puts them just 2 million over the floor.

  21. That's one of my arguments. Everyone says Campbell. I honestly question if he's any more "proven" than UPL for the potential issues it could cause making him the second highest paid player on the team. He's injury prone and has never played more than 50 games in a season.

  22. How is 135 games compared to 13 games not more proven? Not to mention playoff experience.

  23. 135 games over 8 seasons. The 8 seasons part is the part that makes 135 way less impressive. He played 78 games in the last 3 seasons. From a games played perspective, he has backup/1b numbers and many are arguing he's a bonafide proven starter.

  24. Some goalies figure it out and seize their opportunity late. He's a starter, much more of a starter than UPL.

  25. If we're not trading for a goalie, then he's my pick for free agent goalies.

  26. It hasn't started and Pegula already commited 1,5 mil to a player, who won't even bother renting home in Buffalo.

  27. I've hated them since their Lundqvist days. Never had a good reason. Don't like Krieder. Their fans give me an actual reason to hate their team now so thanks Rangers fans!

  28. Sergachev had a great game last night but is a legitimate defensive liability.

  29. I mean that between the two of them, they made 43 draft picks and three of them were goalies (Johansson, Portillo and UPL).

  30. How does that compare to other teams? Do teams draft more goaltenders with that amount of picks on average? Genuinely curious.

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