1. Not the scene I would depict of her but incredible talent and work nonetheless!

  2. Only so he can throw it off when shit's not going well.

  3. Fictional country? Nah this is just New Zealand peaking.

  4. “Cincinnati mayors should know his role and shut the hell up!” … Kelsey is a legend. “You gotta fight for your right to parrrrrtaaaaay”

  5. I’m from the UK, moved here in 2014. I was lucky enough to come here and see the Royals go to one World Series and win the next. Been amazing watching the Chiefs the last few years. That was incredible tonight. How banged up the wide receivers were. Mahomes playing on one leg. I’m still hyperventilating here. Incredible defensive performance! Reid v the Eagles. Kelce v Kelce. I hope they can get those guys fit. Kudos to Butker. Clutch.

  6. Thank you for introducing me to this, feeling at peace

  7. I did not like it in my first attempt. I only made it a few episodes.. I came back to it a few years later and I absolutely loved it. So don't give up on them!

  8. being locked into the news cycle every day will do that to you..

  9. ...probably not. Carice van Houten is legit very attractive.

  10. Natalie Dormer is the hottest character in any TV show's she in.

  11. Disappointed with the result, but not the performance. Obviously we don't want to give Man City momentum of any kind, but I feel we might look back later and see Arteta managed this game perfectly in the long run..

  12. you can tell by the look in their eyes.. the passion is real

  13. There's a reason I don't watch as much as anime I used to..

  14. for real, respect the shit out of him and you can see his fingerprints all over the top leagues

  15. gave me a mads mikkelsen hannibal lecter vibe for sure

  16. The early mythology episodes were pretty great. It all went downhill after the movie imo. The MotW episodes are the best for sure, though. The mythology was already getting stagnant in season 5 I think.

  17. It was a different time in TV then but I really wish Carter would've ended it in 6 or 7 seasons with a strong conclusive finish.

  18. So on point. I've read the book but not watched the movie so now is as good a time as any to rectify that!

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