1. God, I can’t stand her. She acts as though she works 60+ hours a week or something! Does she live with her parents? If not, then I sure hope she has other ways of earning money because embroidering stuff and doing the occasional market certainly isn’t enough to live off.

  2. Ugh, she annoys me so much. Like… wow, okay, good to know…!!? Her posts are always so mundane and pointless. Not to mention the whole “iM oN mEdS so blah blah blah” comment underneath which is totally unnecessary and again, pointless. We all know she’s on meds. She just can’t help herself but to remind everyone constantly that she’s on meds because she’s ‘soOoO SiCk’.

  3. I miss the format of the previous seasons. Also, this season went WAY too quickly. I feel like there was far too much cut out. Viewers hardly got a chance to see many of the girls besides the top girls or those who caused drama. I hope next year they extend it out a little bit.

  4. This made me cringe so hard. The way she wrote that, it’s like she wants it to appear as though there’s some huge ‘team’ of people who are working so hard for/with her to try and get this medication because her life is just sOooOo tOuGh.

  5. It’s because the pharmacy is understaffed after Ashley decided it wasn’t for her.

  6. I agree! He seemed so lovely and kind. I hope Jed chooses Angela.

  7. I was so disappointed that Jess brought him along to that. Don’t really know if she had a choice though. It’s hard to tell sometimes which decisions are made by producers for ratings/views and extra drama.

  8. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if a cult was on Damien’s radar, but at the moment I believe he is in the very least highly manipulative and controlling. It would not surprise me if the relationship was psychologically abusive, which can at times be difficult to detect. It’s clear that Damien has a lot of influence over Jessica and the decisions she makes, and it’s also clear that unfortunately she is quite vulnerable to his behaviour. I’ve looked at his Instagram too and it gives off major red flags.

  9. WHY does she think people want to know about this stuff!? Ugh. Like, we really do not need to know that you woke up drenched in sweat. Some things can be kept to yourself. You don’t need to share every single tiny detail. The melodrama of it all continues to absolutely baffle me.

  10. Rested from what? They always seem to be "taking a break" or "recovering" but don't do anything that would actually help them.

  11. They potentially could, he clearly likes Jess the most but that’s too complicated so I feel like he’s going to end up with Tilly at the end

  12. I can't see them having a connection beyond the physical.

  13. Can’t stand Tash! So glad that Jed was able to say no to her. It’s clear she was just on the show for attention and a bigger social media presence. She’s a b*tch and Jed deserves better.

  14. We barely saw any of her the entire show… I don’t know why they do that! She seems really nice, but I don’t think her and Jed will end up together.

  15. I’ve been on Effexor for nearly three months and it has helped my clinical depression a lot. Just makes me feel a lot more stable overall. I also feel a lot more relaxed generally, and hardly feel any anxiety like I used to. Also, it has helped my sleep SO much! Every morning I wake up feeling like I’ve slept really deeply and well, which I never used to experience. It also keeps my appetite at bay too. One of the best antidepressants I’ve been on. I know that if I ever need to taper off one day that it’s going to be really tough, but for now it’s doing wonders and without it I’d not be in a good place.

  16. That is not Jess in those photos. Compare the photos of Jess on her instagram from 2012 to the girl in the photos on Damien’s instagram - very clearly a different person.

  17. I’m disappointed that the majority of this episode was taken up by the ‘Jessica and Damien’ situation. Other girls should have been given more airtime.

  18. And this is the stuff he posts on Instagram… I don’t know about y’all but this stuff is kind of a red flag to me. Like, wtf is a ‘manifestation practitioner’!?

  19. My thoughts exactly. He seems creepy and highly manipulative. Just the way he was walking and talking sent shivers down my spine. I don’t want to make assumptions, but it seems as though he has a lot of control and influence over Jessica and that worries me. And what was that whole “conscious conversation” bullshit…!? Seems weird. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was co-dependent on him. Men like this can be dangerous. I honestly hope Jessica does leave that relationship one day, regardless of whether she ends up with Felix. However, that seems unlikely.

  20. Ugh! If that’s true than that’s really awful and I feel so bad for Jessica. Honestly, when I first saw this Damien guy in the preview for the next episode, I immediately got bad/unsettling vibes. I also just found him on Instagram, and apparently he’s an ‘online life coach’ (major red flags) and is into manifestation, breath work etc, and also calls himself a ‘therapy coach’ when he has zero legitimate qualifications in psychology. People like this genuinely freak me out and concern me because they post/share inaccurate and often dangerous misinformation relating to mental health and psychology when they’re not actually accredited professionals who are trained properly in the field. I feel sorry for Jessica if she has been groomed by this man over time. You’re probably right - he likely groomed her into polyamory as well, because in the last few episodes she honestly seems pretty unsure about where she stands with it all and is probably now caught in that relationship with Damien.

  21. Love her! So glad she did that. She’s too good for him anyway and I hope she finds someone more mature who truly values her.

  22. Someone found a new word on Google. I feel like a bully saying it, but the way these people throw around Latin words just to sound scary is silly. Just say your jaw hurts or whatever!

  23. This is certainly not surprising but I’m still in shock over how pathetic this whole thing is. She probably did like, what, two shifts max!? Maybe not even two. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder whether she even got hired at all. If she actually did get the job, then wow… I’m appalled. This girl is so melodramatic and self-centred. So many people around the world have to go to work with chronic illnesses every single day because that’s just part of life and they have to pay the damn bills. But no, not Ash. Working for a single day was just far too much. Lol, I just can’t with her anymore.

  24. ‘Exposed to Covid for some time’ ? Didn’t girl just start there?

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