1. Yeah 💯, I've invested too. User friendly online platform too. Mybe the best I would say

  2. I did engineering technology too. We were the 3rd to face exam and it was easy score for uni. Most importantly, things you learn through out the course will help you alot in future. Do paper's more. Good luck 🤞

  3. I usually don't give any money to beggars. I just treat them with food or drink. Back then I used keep two three goldmarie packets in cabin to give kids who sell items for living.

  4. All we need is Change in education system, not changing dress code.

  5. Atlest they would have placed a mattress down. 😂

  6. Limiting your allowances or inform you about changes that could take place in near future

  7. Vistas bar (move pick colpetty)

  8. Yeah of course, I've meet up with plenty. Travel together and coffee times.

  9. Damn really? Aight..seems to be more commin than I thought.

  10. Yeah I don't think it's that risky in Sri Lanka. As long as not being invited to a private place.

  11. Most probably ANC. Rest already migrated

  12. Imagine having a 69 with this dude 😅

  13. From personal experience SLIC & Alliance. Alliance policy cost is bit expensive than SLIC but they do cover airbags replacement in their policy.

  14. Wow, that's simply amazing 😍

  15. They are mostly unregistered, use 100cc to 150cc registered number plates and 3rd party insurances.

  16. Maybe you could try as skilled workers visa, education visa will cost you millions LKR

  17. Can u name some? The one I Found it charges 4K per KG

  18. Ah, that's the one I was talking about, they charge 3990 per KG.

  19. Really!!! Sorry I didn't know about that. But I get a quote for that price month back. And services was good.

  20. Riu, le grand, cinnamon. Hope this would be helpful :)

  21. Rates are killing, +18% per annum :(

  22. Redmi note series is better. Good batter life and budget price

  23. They get a cut I guess. Invest our FD money on bills and pay us less.

  24. Airport taxis are definitely costly. BIA - Hikkaduwa I gave 18k to a friend I made on CS. If you'd like, I could assist you with that.

  25. thanks, is uber the best taxi app to use in Sri Lanka?

  26. Pick me is better than Uber in SL, even pick me car will cost you atlest 23k without highway toll.

  27. Hey, yeah it's kinda complicated situation since it's Sri Lanka. But I really appreciate the faith you have in you mother. Anyway I have no idea or experience to help you with this mentioned situation. but if you feeling bad or maybe need someone to talk im here. Hope things will turn out good! Cheers ✌️

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