1. Pioneer bay 7 map broken and in general the change made is worse than before. Other changes seem decent sofar.

  2. Don’t be so quick to say that. There’s no such thing as a simple fix when it’s buried underneath a hacked together mountain of tech debt garbage. For all you know the disc’s boundaries are encapsulated in some private field in some private object, only made accessible by some strange function that’s tightly coupled with the actual graphics rendering engine, where the only piece of public state readable by the collision detection engine is the center-point but not the hidden boundaries. Maybe the disc’s boundary data isn’t even stored anywhere, in which case it would be a huge fix

  3. Its likely a spaghetti unity project that is held together with ducttape.

  4. Another on of them holes that looks cool but in practice is horrible (in its current state)

  5. Some "roll" discs are also good to have for putting the breaks on your disc when it lands flat.

  6. Light under cast to avoid trees, something abit heavier to gain extra distance on the cast.

  7. Yeah throwing a full speed forehand/backhand instead of putting and then being surprised it spits out after hitting high on the chains is.....odd.

  8. Just to be clear I don't mind spitouts, they happen, but flopping directly towards the wind direction is kind of odd.

  9. Nice! I always go for the 2/3 line but half the time it skips into the water

  10. Yeah it's a risky throw, but with a tail wind and under 145m its usually worth going for it. I use that rive for all my max air distance shots.

  11. Am I the only one that usually goes for the easy 4 and just island hops with a mid?

  12. No sometimes its just impossible to even make the island. For example if you are over ~145m to the basket with a slight headwind or heavy headwind. I'd usually lay up aswell.

  13. Ok, that's fair. I see that now. That is pretty brutal. He kinda made the max rating for that layout then (without a throw in)

  14. Also chained out on that last hole for the ace xD.

  15. Okay but discs NEVER slide the way they do in this game

  16. Hah yeah, unless that hill would be pure ice.

  17. I always throw regardless of distance because i detest the putting mechanic. Pure glide/accurate would be my go to for that range.

  18. I've changed to use a river accurate/roll aim the lowest arrow where the hill line ends on the back drop. It usually lands softly and breaks. If there is tail or head wind slight adjustment is required on the height.

  19. I thinks it’s by design because the calculations for collision are much easier when the collision geometry is simpler than the graphical geometry. You’ll notice some trees have parts that are very friendly to your disc as well. I’ve hit the same thing dozens of times. Kaho Park 2 teaches you to give them a wide berth. I think there’s an AI tournament called Iron Branch that plays at Kaho too.

  20. I really think that if it affects gameplay then they should find a way to fix it properly, at least so the collision match where the tree actually is, not significantly in a empty space around it.

  21. With the ongoing visual updates on the courses I'd think that these trees and their hitboxes will be fixed once it's Kaho Park's turn. Same for Backwoods as it has a few of these trees also.

  22. I've bagged the raider for overstable distance shots the recoil can't reach and my overstable rive can't handle. So kind of a situational disc for me.

  23. That's just the superglue overflowing that's holding the game together.

  24. Its my go to bomber, by far stays in the air the longest. It's not that difficult to control after a while of practice.

  25. Obviously there is a time and place for using it. For consistent overstability i use the wb/roll rive. Good distance and hits the breaks when landing flat.

  26. Easy way to fix would be to run an invisible coded OB line on the outside of the yellow line. This would render the yellow line "not Ob" code wise, but would also make it so if you are touching it at all you are still in bounds (if the invisible coded OB line is placed properly). Although im sure this would be a lot of work since this has already all been coded with yellow line)

  27. The right fix would be to use the bounding area of the disc mesh instead of using the center of the disc, but I'm assuming there was some reason they couldn't do that.

  28. Recoil windbreak/extrafade. For shots that need distance, but always dump hard.

  29. Duct tape is what holds this game together

  30. Does visual update on these maps include a pass on the static meshes, hitboxes?

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