1. Subscribed and added to my wish list at the speed of a zombie that's realised they've stumbled into a butcher's shop. Which is pretty slow and clumsy when you think about it, but whatever's lacking in grace is made up for with enthusiasm.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments! We're a small team and the narrative permutations have to be constrained by that, unfortunately.

  3. Might be asking a bit much but would you say there's any possibility of there being a console release? The concept looks fantastic and I am very happy to see the emphasis on the narrative.

  4. Thanks! Definite possibility. We've done well on Switch and PS4 before so I know the potential.

  5. The deep process of performing rituals and spells is emphasized, and the experience of getting dragged into necromancy. Here's our Steam page if you're interested:

  6. Interesting idea. As you progressed, you'd have semi pro and then pro events hosted at your track? Would these events themselves be viewable?

  7. What software do you use to make this things?

  8. It was going to be, but we abandoned making it unfortunately

  9. Steam can definitely transfer the app to your ownership. Edit: but if it's already retired, perhaps not.

  10. Game is not yet retired, I'll let publisher know about this.

  11. Yeah, there's literally a link in Steamworks that says "transfer ownership"

  12. Wow this is next level, is there anywhere to play this?!

  13. We're still developing it, demo should be available later this year:

  14. Thanks! It's just a few lines of code to rotate the camera and fade out the opacity of the floorplan material over a few seconds

  15. I made this switch recently. Best thing ever! My rather large Unity project went from ~25 secs play-start time, to ~5 secs. Big quality of life improvement.

  16. “Large upvoted comment normalizing people that very clearly should not be programmers because they cannot actually program as being completely okay in the industry”

  17. Unpopular opinion: I agree with you. I use SO maybe 2-3 times a year.

  18. Looks great man but if your gonna make a game on it I would cut out the tail just me

  19. Oh sorry man at least the models were good

  20. Despite the sarcastic comments, there are more than enough newbie game developers out there to make this relevant. In fact I'll probably be able to send this link to people in the future when they're going sideways with some kind of storage design.

  21. Binary isn't a bit painful. Just pack everything into a byte array and save.

  22. I've done a lot of this too (and agree it's very enjoyable), but wouldn't really call it "from scratch" if you're using threejs and physics libraries.

  23. Enlist some of your target audience for a focus group

  24. Of the decent applicants I got, rates ranged from 4c per word to 25c.

  25. Assuming you are willing to pay? I'd recommend workwithindies.com. I placed an advert with them last year for a writer and got 200 applicants in a week. Of these, there were at least 30 really good candidates.

  26. No, all the game related subs are for making some vague post, asking "what do you think?" and spamming your Steam URL.

  27. I'd be interested to discuss this with you. Send me a PM?

  28. The prof reckoned it was primarily ceremonial/ for prestige. Mind you he said that about most things.

  29. Yeah that sounds like a giant assumption. You don't build walls like that unless defense is a main goal.

  30. Sorry, I was referring to the chevaux de frise regarding ceremonial purpose. Not the walls.

  31. Honest question: why the choice to use Javascript?

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