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trans shit is hack at this point

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  1. I really really want to like what Jeff is doing, but one guy talking at a camera is not for me. It was cool in a limited context like when he was going through his garage and what not, but I'm not feeling it. And I love JeffG.

  2. I love Jeff but yeah one person for 3+ hours who isn’t Dan Carlin just doesn’t work for me; its weird though….I’m not crazy about GB modern, Nextlander is pretty clinical imo (unless you go in for a ramblecast), and Jeff G solo for 3+ hours isn’t doing it for me to where I listen each week. Just is what it is :/

  3. About a decade ago I had a guy who worked under me come to me telling me he had to change to part time.

  4. Because the people who have their cars repoed expect it watch it like a hawk

  5. So much in Pf1e was broke. I wanted something bloodborne themed so dipped wizard one level with my gunslinger…so stupid.

  6. Classic pulp doesn't look anything like this. This is 60's pop art.

  7. I mean, the 60s are classics and vintage at this point lol

  8. Scalpers and then it will be shitty recasts

  9. Totally avoidable and not worth the net fame…

  10. Honestly, why is this stuff post worthy?

  11. Yes, idk about better, but I do love what they're doing with Bad Idea.

  12. I like all the Bad Idea books that I have been allowed to acquire.

  13. Which issues are you missing? My LCS has almost everything still in stock.

  14. I was more referencing the issues they have kept behind the wall of the button gimmicks, stories and books you cant even get unless you got the buttons, stickers, etc

  15. Definitely would have been sick but I see why they went the way they did. His simple robe contrasted with the opulence and indulgence of the gods. He was like a monk. Rather than the armor and more knight-like feel of this art. They could have kept the head tails though. Not the end of the world either way.

  16. Bale said they did what they did because of him coming off the film prior, whatever Waititi said later was way different

  17. I’ve had more issues with newer looking people lately. Not sure where the influx came from on pc.

  18. She really seems like a superior version of professor hulk.

  19. I mean, let's be honest, as far as theatrical films go its always been a mix of stage actors and "regular" actors in these roles. Steve Blum wasn't getting top billing in a theatrical release lol...if you want voice actors they are side characters, background characters, or random noises for thing. "Voice actors" as we think of them have always been more of a thing in television animation, video games, direct to DVD animation, etc.

  20. I live in GA and they fly them here all over, although recently, there have been some quietly taken down.

  21. I've lived in the south my entire life and its definitely gone down in general, like you said quietly. Always depends on where you're at, for sure, but overall in the south the confederate flags have drastically been cut down in number.

  22. Hell, with films like Top Gun Maverick and Nope getting buzz, I think people appreciate story over non-stop humor. And if they do have humor that it fits the characters and not just "Oh boy, here goes Thor rambling again"

  23. Unfortunately the MCU stans eat up everything and shower praise and it feels like that's the only people they listen to. Their catering the people like "Supes" on Twitter who gladly, and quickly, say how the source material and characters suck but the MCU makes everyone "likeable" and "finally good". Until I see them slow the MCU the down a tad as well I don't see this changing. With Disney+ and so many projects going at one time I feel they are stretching the brand way too thin now...its also possible there aren't any directors outsie James Gunn who are willing to push back against Feige like we've seen in the past, especially in light of all the crazy stuff that came out of behind the scenes talks with Infinity War and End Game.

  24. Literally 98% of the film didn't land for me. If they cut stuff that didn't work I can't imagine how much the cut stuff wasn't landing either.

  25. One thing to remember is that even if the housing market goes crap its still a matter of supply and demand and based on statistics we wouldn't be seeing the gap close for a couple of years. You'll never not be able to sell that house. Do you have kids? Is the house massive to where you could sell, downsize, be comfortable, and be debt free? Personally, even though you have 50k in the bank I wouldn't recommend using that to make up for the lack of income on such a high monthly mortgage payment. That's money you could be using to have a nice safety in holding + invest the rest.

  26. You mean lease not sub-lease... you bought the home, and you're not leasing it from anyone.

  27. Bring back Earth's Mightiest Heroes, you cowards

  28. I think that can be said about the whole film

  29. she just had a special release too, but i think what she's getting at is where people get their start. she thinks its good for 99% of people to start out, not get paid shit, have no fanbase, and eventually quit. instead of people coming in with exposure. whether she's right or wrong doesnt matter, 99% of those tiktokers will get a few sold out shows then flop.

  30. Releasing specials doesn’t mean shit anymore,

  31. Going to be honest, I think with how the MCU has handled SHIELD and Fury they should have killed him off a while ago. Other than just saying "yo, its Samuel L Jackson" I just don't see what the character brings to the MCU any longer.

  32. I will be honest, I just don’t view MCU Nick fury in that way. I don’t hate him but to call him the caffeine free Diet Coke version of Nick fury wouldn’t even be harsh enough. After he showed up in Captain Marvel it’s sort of ruined any of the mystique he had before, for me.

  33. wtf is it with twerking all the fucking time

  34. Remember, concept art = what we get on the screen in many cases.

  35. The sub tries to act like everything marvel has ever done is bad these days, it’s pretty hilarious

  36. No, what this sub likes to do is think everything now is awesome but everything before was "lacking" or dumb and get hype over anything no matter how ridiculous it is. Hell, how many posts we get just about Thor's runtime lmfao.

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