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  1. I would love to see that as April fools Event. They could even randomize the abilities after every use (on cool down of course).

  2. wait what does his religion have to do with this?

  3. Considering Israel pays people to troll and defend it online i'm not surprised. My other account got banned for hate because I told someone "You are Israeli. No Thank You." In this sub.

  4. i regret many things in my life, from back when i was a little child and talked back to my dad, to in school when i didn't have the guts to talk to my crush, to uni when i didn't choose the right major, to work when i let my emotions get the better of me....

  5. ah poor unboxer, don't worry you can always eat another sandwich with extra tum, that will flush out the depression

  6. just when i think it can't get any worse he says another line... or she in this case

  7. I was doing step 12 on section IV (copying everything from ux0 to uma0) At around 6% done, it just stopped and showed the message: "Error 0x80010016"

  8. when an error happens it's best to read the guide again to see if you did something wrong

  9. there's a guide for that online step by step...

  10. i haven't been playing for the past few seasons why do people hate storm point i think it's cool

  11. Sick of seeing it despite two more maps in rotation. For whatever reason I always log when it's up with 1 hour 15 minutes left. I go ranked and it's there again because of the split. There are like 3 places people love to drop and a bunch of "either full or inexplicably empty" ones, so I play a bunch of games where I can't find anybody for 10 minutes or explode against 5 teams despite going in the same spot with a similar dropship path.

  12. you know i remember watching crypto's trailer for season 3 and seeing how his EMP was supposed to be harmless for him...

  13. honestly we should buff more than nerf

  14. Too much work?! I’m no Dev but devs should be committed to the game and be prepared to put hard work into the game, I haven’t seen that the past few seasons, but I’d agree. I’d love an Apex where every legend is in their strongest state using existing buffs/reworks. Of course without adding stuff legends like Crypto have issues but for the most part I think it’s fun

  15. lmao you don't know who respawn works under? it's fucking EA they have to put their sweat into new skins and cosmetics events and heirloom to make the most money this has been negatively effecting the game for a long long time too much time spent on making skins not much on improving the game that's why we still have obvious bugs seasons later

  16. I swear this is the only gaming community that does this kind of shit. "How would legends react when you smack their cock n' balls" bruh wth boi idc

  17. Genshin community is mostly consistent of little kids, horny 12y olds and some old weirdos. There are some normal people there, sure, but they can soon be considered extinct species.

  18. genshin community and apex community both are toxic and filled with 12yo

  19. no one cares it's not gonna work only ones who think it'll make a difference are 12 yo

  20. I like it, it shows your frustration but on a way that compliments the other person.

  21. yeah but when you have none of these things and you get called that it hits different

  22. i still remember that roast "you're playing soo bad I'm assuming you exercise regularly have a wife and kids and a high paying job and a fulfilling life"

  23. don't play a legend because they are meta but because you like them that way you'll never regret your investment works for me and my box cutter heirloom

  24. sheeesh that must've been a brutal way to go it pierced through the armour from the right meaning his right nipple was probably hurt

  25. assuming you're keeping all your memories what CAN you do? literally nothing you're a baby

  26. you have to watch the full version it gets even better

  27. i love Bloodborne but it was just an over exaggeration to be a good way to get a woman

  28. What would be the point of the tactical drone if it doesn’t scan

  29. getting banners, respawning, checking for squads, scanning beacons and EMP i guess

  30. I've always questioned the logic of the apex games they let you bring in all the tech and forbidden powers you have and weapons but where do you draw the line?

  31. Yeah a thing I think about is that lifeline straight up has help from the inside with her care package and more importantly the bins, I get why they are there balance wise but its a bit silly to think about lore wise.

  32. Bangalore literally has someone dropping missiles for her...

  33. soo many things are wrong with what she said idk where to begin...

  34. murasama rebirth takes the cake amazing visuals and 60fps speed smooth as butter

  35. i love my family but it's not like i support the LGBT people in my area

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