1. Its not weird that we have liquid water. As others said: There mist always be new places in the universe, where liquid water exists and we developed because of it.

  2. This. Water is the catalyst. Where it exists life happens.

  3. it’s a uni project i have the flow rate and the diameter, i need the npshr to make sure cavitation won’t occur

  4. NPSHr is a measured quantity. You obtain it from performance testing. There isn’t some formula for it.

  5. I wouldn’t trust the output SW would give you for this, even if it could be done, which I’m not sure it can.

  6. Anything spelt incorrectly. It’s not unique, it’s wrong.

  7. This guy is about as shady as they come. The blatant corruption in the liberal party is beyond a joke. Gladys breached the code of conduct for ministers 21 times and nothing ever came of it. Both of them deserve to be in jail.

  8. Sure Karen. They can have people overt once in a while. If you can’t stand any noise you shouldn’t live in a high density environment.

  9. That’s why it’s an addiction, putting everything you have in the attempt to win. You’re not really helping criticizing me.

  10. Do a thermal analysis. Model stress as a function of temperature gradient over time

  11. Engineering is undergoing a mentality change and there is significant motivation to increase diversity metrics. We have been told specifically that our last two technical hires had to be women.

  12. Gents… as an average dicked man… I feel so bad for Him. Can you imagine not being able to put more than 1/4 of your dick in a girl without hurting her?

  13. Timezone is grooming for future gambling. It is a sad shell of what arcades used to be. Everything is a gambling for tickets game now.

  14. I’m a problem gambler and I in no way attribute going to ticket arcades in my youth to my gambling issues.

  15. Depends on what company you work for. Mine specifically requires a masters to get past a certain pay scale.

  16. Hypersonics is fairly intense.. but you have a good base in fluids before you do it. The idea that gasss rarify is kind of hard to grasp.

  17. Hypersonics is fairly intense.. but you have a good base in fluids before you do it. The idea that gases rarify is kind of hard to grasp.

  18. Are you referring to the applications engineer role or design role that pays less?

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