1. I don't think whatever happens in the MCU matters for the Spider-verse movies. Yeah they had some cameo's but that was about it and I don't think they matter for the overall narrative. So the whole canon event what not doesn't matter to the MCU and is just a Spider-verse thing.

  2. I would like to say no but if you look at the

  3. They are doing a movie for Ultraman for Netflix. It's a CGI movie and it's co produced by Tsuburaya and Industrial Light and Magic.

  4. Yea tetra-fang was my gateway to jrock. Also not many people can say that they are a played a Kamen rider and sung there own final form theme and the 2nd riders theme and the 3rd riders theme

  5. The fact that they were only formed just do music for Kiva and was disbanded after Kiva was done still gets me. Like they could've been a legit band outside of just promoting Kiva.

  6. Because they wanted Geats form to be the Kitsune which is a fox with 9 tails. If they ever do Mk6 it will most likely be a movie form.

  7. Isn't Ohma Zi-O's only weakness is he can be hurt by the powers of Riders he doesn't have powers of? Like that's the reason Geiz Revive was able to defeat him in the one timeline or when Trinity was able to fight him (Not evenly though).

  8. Yeah, I'm aware of that. That's why I said it'll be interesting to see if Shen will gain his abilities at this point in the tournament.

  9. You know this is an interesting case of a Mangaka doing an animation based on a manga they worked on and seeing in motion how they themselves imagined it would look like while drawing them out.

  10. i dont despise it with all my soul but recoloring/retooling for a major form still felt iffy to me, yes it looks cool on the show but i dont felt like getting it as a merchandize

  11. Summer game fest starts on the 8th tomorrow is the 5th.....

  12. I did not, also marking as spoiler wont do you any harm

  13. The form showed up in the episode 38 preview that was at the end of episode 37 as well. Did you skip that too?

  14. Even though this is a joke, it feels like it's gonna be a future movie form where it looks exactly like the drawing above.

  15. I don't really hate any of the Casey Jones but if I had to pick favorite it will be the 2003 turtles because he sums what I feel like Casey Jones is and that's a violent meathead with a heart of gold. 😂

  16. This man's reality altering powers are so powerful he 'shushed' the theme song mid fight.

  17. This video is part 3 of his Devlog you can see the first 2 parts here

  18. Oh tournament arc this is gonna be interesting. I wonder if they're all gonna fight Feng or if they're gonna have to fight each other too. Also I'm wondering how Untruth's ability will change in this arc if Shen even gets it this early.

  19. Oh future state, right. It's complicated to explain all of it but Dan Didio wanted to age everyone up and create a 5th generation or heroes or something and that be the new status quo of dc. He was then fired and it was adopted into futures state. I haven't read any of it myself so no clue of it was good but look into DC 5G.

  20. Ah ok I think I remember hearing something about that. So Jon was aged up before the Future State thing and from the looks of it Future state ended and some new thing called Infinite frontier is going on where they're making the stories of pre flashpoint canon alongside all the others and it doesn't show if the Future state ages are still a thing.

  21. Honestly you can just skip Future State, it was only a potential future and things like Batman beating the Magistrate in an Infinite Frontier storyline prevented it from ever becoming real.

  22. Man, now it makes me think what was the point of them doing Future state and making Red X Canon to the comics only for them to erase it.

  23. So you're telling me that absolute chad in the tv show is another Homelander's bitch in the comics?

  24. In the comics there are 3 soldier boys the one in the page is the third and latest one to hold the title. While the one in the show is

  25. I stopped playing genshin a year ago because it got a bit too grindy just to get to the next story quest. What's the drawn out mystery that it has?

  26. the sword piece itself is part of Onjuuken Suzune.

  27. Are you sure about that because I looked it up and they don't even have the same shape.

  28. I noticed the new gens under suit are kinda like vinyl material cloth that loosely fit the body instead of early days Heisei riders that have leather/rubber more fitted suit.

  29. Do they take them off to sleep though? We know their weird rules about eating in groups

  30. Yeah we see in the first season of Mandalorian when Din Djarin stays in that village he takes his helmet off when he was going to sleep.

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