Javy Baez avoids getting out to let Wilson Contreras score from 2nd base

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  1. This is something we can monitor in the future however I was the host (posted clip for someone else) and was not tabbing in and out

  2. Yeh coming from someone that also hosts a league it’s usually due to someone tabbing in and out

  3. Appreciate the info. While I wasn’t doing it at the time of this I definitely have so we can try to adjust how we do it. Thanks!

  4. Are you able to explain to me what that really is? With all my research I’m finding it difficult to understand what the community edition is

  5. I find it better to just remember this year is completely a learning year. There’s negatives of course and yes, Sebs strategy was horrible but there’s positives to look at. I know most fans of the team are Seb fans but Lance had a great race and strategy. If he had pit during and not before the SC he was looking at fighting for p8.

  6. Lance pit BEFORE the saftey car actually. Say what you want about Sebs strategy which seemed pretty strange tbf but there was no SC Stroll favoritism that you’re insinuating. Lance drove incredibly well after the SC to make up places and end up where he did.

  7. I have probably about 600 hours of sim racing experience in AC and F1 2021. Almost exclusively f1 cars. This is the D class f4 series in case anyone is wondering

  8. Very certain they watch their onboards, we can watch it on F1TV so certainly they are too lol

  9. Engineers are paying attention to a plethora of data and screens and do not just glue onto their onboards. It’s very likely he didn’t see it when it happened since there is more important things to look at as an engineer than the onboard

  10. As per auto mod, I got these from

  11. I personally hope he is out for exactly 3 games

  12. This clip doesn’t show you that he threw at him 1 pitch before this and missed. I doubt Keegan Thompson made the decision to throw at him but man what a stupid and pointless delay. You missed the first one. You had your chance and the message was sent. Silly

  13. Statistically a better hitter than Ohtani in 2022. What a legend

  14. Anyone know some educational chamber youtube/streames?

  15. tn6 on tik tok and twitch is pretty helpful. Not sure if he’s got YouTube

  16. No, you need to own the track to be able to use it, even to spectate

  17. That ovation was so weak thats embarrassing. ROTY and MVP gets less of a reception than Jon Lester

  18. I have no issue with this. He’s a highlight reel but watching him everyday and his batting approach is exhausting. Thanks for being a part of the team and farewell wish him the best

  19. I’d like to point out there is two outs. Stepping on first base and not chasing Javy ends the inning and nothing the base runners do matters. Awful game sense from that first baseman.

  20. Is Nico the best all around player on this team rn?

  21. Eh he’s definitely got the potential to be but I think that still lands on kb

  22. ...you’re telling me that Nico suave cannot outperform the bum Bote & that dweeb Sogard? 🙄

  23. I mean I love Bote so I’m biased but he’s hitting the ball hard. Hes been super unlucky with BABIP going back to last season, he’s third on the team with hard hit % behind happ and Heyward with 43.8%.

  24. Considering we won game 1 that would certainly be surprising

  25. Not a big fan of pulling a guy mid inning for non-errors. Both plays were hard, he got one out on one and just missed the next hard play. Don’t shift your defense 30 feet then throw an outside fastball. Seemed like a disrespectful pull not a fan of Ross so far

  26. What’s worse is when you find out that out side to the right by the tents is another spawn.

  27. I may be wrong but I think that’s the same spawn. So if you spawn inside somebody won’t be by the tents

  28. Launcher download should be on the website under your profile section. They seem to have changed how they distribute the game but didn’t update the emails. Had some buddies who bought recently have to find it

  29. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

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