1. That’s not the point. It’s not about him, it’s about the child who is having the lowest point of her life, her attempted suicide dissected and commented and speculated on by the entire world. Idgaf about Ted Cruz, he’s a pos politician, but his daughter doesn’t deserve this and everyone gossiping about this should be ashamed of themselves. And yeah, it’s gossip. “Oh I heard it was bc of things she read online…I’m sure it was bc of her dad!…isn’t she bisexual?” Jesus Christ. Full grown adults talking about a troubled child this way.

  2. It's kinda the point. His actions have consequences, in this case, for his daughter.

  3. I had a dream regal came back and took kayfab control of the company from hunter and was doing a sweet invasion angle.

  4. Sounds like they are asking you to wear socks or stop walking around so much after 11....

  5. With those huge joints st the bottom. Very weird. Even if its build afterwards and ment to absorb vibration.

  6. Lol at A! “If you don’t turn down that fucking music I’m gonna get my gun!”

  7. I'm a 2A guy and I'm a little sceptical someone who thinks this should own a firearm...

  8. Just imagine for one second if every gun owner in the usa thought disturbing the public peace warranted, not only murder... but by them.

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