1. i think cosmetic surgery is incredibly based. i love the idea of doing things to our bodies to make them better in some way. rhinoplasty. piercings. tattoos. i want more cybernetics to become manufacturable and mainstream. i love the idea of modifying the human body in any form

  2. Ew rung is mansplaining very manly of you

  3. Nah I kinda agree, I like women, and I also like dick. It's a beautiful combination what can I say. Also trans women have better personalities than cis women and they're actually funny

  4. i don't see a difference in funnyness between tr4nnies and real women. they're all women--whom i find to be slightly funnier than men on average

  5. iwn be cute the only way ill ever be desirable is if i get ba and lean into the bimbo aesthetic

  6. another passoid vs passoid ping-ponging their bdd at each other thread

  7. most of these "bdd passoids" aren't even bdd. they know they pass. they just want to lord it over us hons.

  8. Literally everyone getting blamed as a passoid at this point

  9. but look at her pics. i can clock her because I've been exposed to so much tr4nnyism but the average person she'll make friends with? nah. she passes. whether she's a passoid or a twinkhon could be debated, but I'd argue passoid

  10. how likely is it we only get one life like i assume that's the case but what are the chances reincarnation or an afterlife is real

  11. that’s true you never know.. part of me feels like there’s an afterlife

  12. maybe if i ripped and lived as a good Christian male God would've given me a perfect female body in heaven

  13. that's normal for female nipples if ur talking g about what I think u are

  14. don't pretend to be deaf just be mute you can be mute without being deaf and less lies will be less complicated

  15. i didnt read the post and thought this was asking how I'd like to die now o feel bad for answering 😔

  16. there would be a select group of men designated as breeders. they would live lives of opulent luxury but ultimately would be slaves for their bodies.

  17. ok now this sounds like a sissy erotic fiction novel 😬

  18. i don't see the breeders as being relevant to the story i have in mind

  19. can u gib me the meme template for this i have a funny joke to make :3

  20. based hsts "always knew" trutrans

  21. i rly did always know except for during my edgy libertarian ifunny Elon phase (repping)

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