1. Can someone make a control scheme that rebinds weapon wheel to A? I constantly unselect my weapons during combat, and I haven't been able to rebind successfully myself.

  2. Why did they put a big molded cheese on display

  3. You should try to remove every drivers video with DDU and then reinstall the latest from fresh.

  4. Tried that I think a year ago, when I started to become convinced of the worsening performance, but didn't notice any improvement. My PC is disassembled right now as I wait for a PSU that I forgot to buy, so I wont bother with reinstalling drivers until after the upgrade.

  5. If it is dissasembled, you should give it a good cleaning.

  6. Yep, bought a compressed air can just for that. Not that it was very dusty though.

  7. The fighters enters the arena, the camera cuts to black. A second later our image reappears. Mario lays on his back, gargling on his escaping blood, as the B&S player repeatably stabs him in stomach with a rusty skinning knife, his pants barely hiding his arousal.

  8. Warning not to save any design with rivets in this version, as a new bug makes it so you might loose some rivets.

  9. This late 40's design is chronologically the last of the Beigee faction fleet. Don't think I will go further outside the intended eras of the game.

  10. All things shall succumb to carcinisation

  11. Idk if ill ever understand how yall make these lineups

  12. Just add them to custom battle for your team. The opposing team can be empty. Start with a tank with radio and tell all to halt when you spawn. Then just drive them into position and hold J to take control of the next tank.

  13. You know you can switch tanks without abandoning them (making them "destroyed")? Or is that just to keep them in place?

  14. Forgot the lone guy in the back:

  15. Would prefer to bring Teladi and Argon models up-to-date. As well as continue to visually diversify the commonwealth factions like is being done with builder ships. All factions still use the same engine models and many of the same turret and weapon models.

  16. You know you can buy the game more than once right?

  17. Russians hold a POW anywhere near the front line months after capture? Whether for their sadistic amusement or inability to transport to backlines, both cases seem damning

  18. I think he may be a civilian, the Russians were using his house, not a POW? Just a guess from the wording.

  19. Sounds likely. Was assuming that he was another UA soldier that was captured when the house he was defending was overrun.

  20. Lots of footage of ukraine on the offensive lately. Do we know where these are happening and the results?

  21. Well thanks, though I didn't make the decals. Downloaded them at some point from another build or the discord channel where they are shared, can't quite remember.

  22. RTX2070, i7-9700K (no OC), 16 GB RAM. 1920x1080p

  23. Looks fine I would say. No obvious indicators that it is low graphics. Biggest visual eyesore are the effects of no AA. But seems I can enable 4x with minimal impact.

  24. Note that there is currently a bug in the new experimental update where loading a tank will mess up the RPM settings, which can mean it can't shift above 1. Temp fix is to load the tank twice.

  25. Picture wasn't intended for contest, but might as well give it a shot.

  26. Launch a medium sized rocket and see if I can get decent FPS. If not I refund.

  27. Whelp. Performance tied to minor increases in rocket complexity, physics wobbling, kraken not slain. All this only elevates my biggest concern: that the fundamental engineering challenges that should have been addressed before main development even started has naively been pushed aside and that the game is now built on bad foundation.

  28. Yes, because refunding in case of shitty performance is super easy.

  29. I'll take your entire stock

  30. Holy shit I can not thank you enough, you are my savior, that shit would've been painful as hell to redesign

  31. Glad to hear it worked. It sucks to lose designs because of this.

  32. I never could figure out what invert means. I press it and see some type of graphical change sometimes, but not always, and couldn't figure out what it actually was intended to do. Help?

  33. Faces are planes with two sides. One side that should always face outwards, and one that should face inwards. If the faces are inverted it will mess with collision detection (shells passing through armor) and lighting shaders (graphical changes that you mention). Sometimes when modelling in freeform the game can become confused and invert all or some of the faces. Think of like an shirt that is inside out.

  34. the turret looks abit wacky it looks reallly cool how did you get it to look like it has a welded hull?

  35. The welding lines are custom decals (not made by me though). They're part of the download link if you want to use them yourself.

  36. Thanks. The turret is sort of a mix of M60A2 starship and Panther.

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