1. I always like how they say things like "take care" at the end what a loser rofl.

  2. I did this to a roommate once. All the dirty dishes they left in the sink and all the pop cans they left on the counter in the kitchen after about the 10th time I told them to just put them in the DISHWASHER and to drop the cans in the recycling bin that was literally less distance than it took to put them on the counter and was also RIGHT UNDER THE COUNTER.

  3. School caused this civil disobedience when they tried a woke policy for dress code at the school so in retaliation for the whole policy this teacher decided to fight them using their own game. I think he’s a genius.

  4. They dropped the reserve ratio down to 0 back in March of 2020 to help stimulate the economy, right? Because the act is inflationary.

  5. History will not treat this government well.

  6. I love reindeer vehicles. Too little things make me happy these days lol.

  7. I wonder where Canadians will draw the line at offering similar to Trudeau?

  8. How is this guy tweeting like royalty from jail?

  9. The Waltons, Mars family and house of saud has more gold and cash than the Rothschilds.

  10. Ironic to compare in terms of cash when the Rothschilds print the cash lol.

  11. We can castrate him if he’d like

  12. Trudeau seems to have some sort of end stage lying syndrome, he may benefit from MAID.

  13. "The only thing stopping me from hunting pedos for sport is the government."

  14. If it were to lead to less taxation and bureaucracy, sure. I don't have my hopes up though republican government is just as authoritarian.

  15. Imagine going to complain to your guidance counsellor because you had been told the truth lmao.

  16. To be fair, that is like the governments specialty. They are very good at it.

  17. I like how they also all admit that they are racist lol

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