1. This is why I believe no billionaires or princes lined up for Kim. I doubt Pete would be the guy she'd choose

  2. Kim is switching ethnicities 24/7 I can't keep up anymore

  3. They would get more money if they just made an Only fans and stopped with this whole makeup and skin products. They cater to male gaze anyway. Don’t have to switch up advertising and marketing techniques

  4. I think if their fame dies down. Only Fans will be the last resort

  5. Why does Kendall, Sophia or Hayley all give me mean vibes but Kylie gives me kind and genuine vibes

  6. Kylie did some mean girl shit I remember seeing some stuff she did to that singer Beer something

  7. I dunno guys. She's really boring. Everything about her is boring. There is not a single stand-out feature that she has.

  8. She stands out with her individuality. She owns who she is

  9. Scott is the man who always has the audacity fr. I never liked him because he treated people who were not rich below him like that waiter and the money situation. Reeks of classism. He's been hurting Kourtney for years but if she moves on his the victim like bitch deal with it. You had your chance. He also dates younger girls and takes advantage of them it just proves that no women his age wants to deal with him. Creeppp. Also had the audacity to make karjenners feel bad about not inviting him to things? I kinda feel Karjenners kinda taking slow steps back away from him maybe idk. I'm not keen on Travis he showed red flags. Scott seems very threatened by Travis cuz his a musician and was actually famous without kardashians and Scott was playing a lord 😂 imo obvs

  10. Kourtney looking like a football/soccer player

  11. I don't watch the show but saw a clip of him saying this and cut after her reaction. Wtf did she even say to this???? Someone help me understand

  12. It was so edited. She didn't say anything to it!

  13. Nah. His POS ass going out of his way to say that to her. It's fucked.

  14. This man gunna save the human race from extinction

  15. Why would we listen to their weightloss advice if they won't admit to having plastic surgery?? (Kardashians)

  16. Anna wintour is an evil vibe like she looks cold hearted

  17. If u gunna sell toilet roll at least have some paper on it so I can wipe my ass I mean face with

  18. Advertising food by making people lose their appetite. Innovative.

  19. Photos resurfaced of them meeting although doesn't confirm anything. It's obvious they've been together all this time and she will keep giving him chances

  20. Of course Kris is supportive. Khloe has no “story” without him. All about the money.

  21. Imagine putting money and clout above your kid it's tragic. Especially when you have so much

  22. Does she own a hotel that people can stay in or is this just a collection of essentials

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