1. Go Birds! I had one on Broad Street tonight. Was glorious

  2. Sombremesa Brûlée is great. Illusione Epernay. Crowned Heads La Careme.

  3. Crazy to let art like that just rot away or disappear to the ages. That should be carefully removed and put on display at an art museum.

  4. I was just there for the first time at the end of December. Absolutely a wonderful place.

  5. There’s a bar there on that corner that is really bad and has been for a long time.

  6. That nub is one of my favs. Great smoke for colder weather. Smooth finish. Love a torpedo

  7. My 18 year old lady is about 6.5-7 pounds. She’s just tiny.

  8. Rhynhart. We need someone who can get financial issues under control which then allows us to more proactively tackle the other issues.

  9. Once New Years Day hits, I officially go into counting down until April 1st. Maybe it’s just my seasonal affective disorder, but the stretch from 1/2 until 3/31 is just so dreary for me.

  10. I always try to book something, like a small weekend trip or a fun day trip kind of thing for February-ish so I have something to look forward to. It honestly really helps. I really enjoy planning things so I find it fun.

  11. Last year we dipped down to Florida for a week at the beginning of February and it was wonderful. Maybe do something over Presidents’ Day weekend

  12. I’m a Philly resident my whole life and worked in center city for 20+ years. Last 7 years I’ve worked elsewhere but still hold my love for center city. Would take the kids up on the bus/subway to shop and grab lunch or dinner. I’ve stopped those trips. Last time we went we saw someone shooting up on Sansom Street. So many people who clearly need mental health facilities that it’s shocking. Trying to explain that to kids under 10 is tough.

  13. My brother is a recovering addict and I love to have him come visit, but each time I have to have a very serious and sad talk with him about making sure he's in a good spot mentally, because even if I drive him to the train he's going to see people using and zombied out. Its tough for him, and I can only imagine how it'd be for children

  14. I’ve experienced addiction with family members. I completely understand your view. I hope your brother continues on a good path.

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