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  1. There is a solid argument that racism as a phenomenon originated* with the US and it's widespread practice of chattel slavery. Prior to this discrimination tended to be based on religion. You can actually trace this transition through local laws and writing, seeing how (for example) Jews go from being discussed as a religion to being discussed as a race or how laws in the US transition from referring to slaves to referring to black people.**

  2. This was good. Honestly surprised by how much I like Guts breakdown here. It makes sense that after all he went through seeing his sword just not work is what makes him despair. Even when he had nothing else, he's always had his sword after all. For him it was a mother's embrace

  3. In original DND, clerics and paladins could not wield edged weapons. This was based on an urban legend (which the creators thought was real) that during the middle ages church doctrine specifically prohibited priests from "spilling blood" and so to get around this prohibition priests would carry only blunt weapons into battle.

  4. Thing about the Technocracy is that they are a critique about High Modernism (think the Sha of Iran, Le Corbusier, the Soviet Union, etc). And High Modernism isn't evil so the Technocracy had valid points and it's entirely valid to play a technocrat game.

  5. That challenge! That was the kinda hype you usually only see in the best action manga.

  6. 5 got pulled. Dee Day, and the gang buys a billboard because of Dee’s characters, and all the lethal weapon ones. Dee is dating… is still available.

  7. I literally just watched the lethal weapon one from the new season yesterday on hulu

  8. I’ve been sorta following this on the news, but I genuinely don’t understand how they’re in a position to strike? I’m not against them getting their sick days or whatever they need considering they’re a massive part of what keeps this country afloat(besides them being human in the first place) but considering most of their skill sets probably wouldn’t translate to any job that could cover the gaping hole left by their pay, wtf are they gonna do?

  9. Generally, a strike fund covers costs until the strike ends. That's is unavailable here because it is illegal for them to strike. So they can only quit (which any of them who can probably will).

  10. So they will be out of a job while inflation rises at the same time? I’m not trying to be combative here but I don’t get how they haven’t lost when Biden signed that dotted line

  11. This is why I'm seeking ways to help

  12. He wasn't just offered power, he was tempted to attack with anger.

  13. Not mine, but I saw a Batman trigger power where he could see mistakes. His thinker power let him see every mistake in his and others combat form (as well as mistakes in covering up the crime, etc) which was really great as a training tool (you always know exactly what you did wrong) but also deeply unhealthy (your power always tells you what you did wrong but not until you did it)

  14. Weak point sensing allowing you to strike exactly where you need to break a bone or shatter a wall (can also be used to find the weak points in plans or argument sor emotional states it whatever).

  15. You just admitted that Amon is not meant to represent communism and then you say it's a bad take on communism. Congrats for contradicting yourself, I guess.

  16. No, he is meant to represent communism. The show just doesn't dona good job of representing that because it's bad.

  17. Except there is no indication that he's meant to represent communism. Your whole argument is solely based on the use of a few red scare aesthetics and talk of equality. Like I said, he's meant to parallel the Bai Shangdi Hui, not communism.

  18. Except there is. Amon is consistently dressed in the symbolism and imagery of communism. This is because he is meant to be a fantasy stand in for the ideology. Its what's called a metaphor.

  19. You might be interested in Hidden Champions of the 21st Century: Success Strategies of Unknown World Market Leaders by Hermann Simon (

  20. This sounds really interesting but also something I've never heard of before. For the layman (me) could you explain what a hidden champion is and maybe give an example?

  21. For people new(er) to the OSR design style/etc I always recommend B1 as a primer; it introduces a lot of the classic dungeon elements in a (relatively) forgiving environment and is a much more fun module than I think people give it credit for. As far as megadungeons go, Mike's Dungeons is always my #1 recommend. Stonehell and ASE are great, Xyntillian is good.

  22. Oh sorry! B1: In Search of the Unknown by Mike Carr. The first introductory d&d module by TSR that came with the Holmes boxed set. Pretty easy to find via DTRPG or etc.

  23. Ah yes, it is shaped sir like itself

  24. Are you implying it's a circular definition? Male is defined as the sex that produces smaller gametes. Not circular.

  25. Someone who performs the masculine gender.

  26. I’m not saying it’s the end all/be all, but some lad on YouTube is trying to interpret them. Check it out!

  27. Nifflas? was able to find an old thread on the

  28. Because talking about it on the internet isn't enough. It doesn't generate the sort of buy in that in person discussions do, and so fails to provide the safety and effectiveness of mass action.

  29. Not really. Perrin's story arc is something I've really come to appreciate. Allow me to explain.

  30. It's been awhile. What purpose does Perrin find without Faile?

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