1. Literally the first time I heard of this

  2. I saw someone's post on 4chan, saying that Haruka is a Gremlin.

  3. Also, don't forget, Julie/Ultraman Justice could've been called Ultrawoman Justice.

  4. Ultraman Decker himself is supposed to be in the film 🤦

  5. Why? Don't you like Ultraman Dinas/Dynus? Otherwise, she'll steal Kanata's spotlight.

  6. I want Haruka Kitou and Flint to have a cooperative combat together against their enemies in the team-up movie, not just Haruka and Gaon alone.

  7. The filming crew were using a movie camera with celluloid film roll at that time. The audio was mono and the television aspect ratio was 4:3 analog.

  8. So these Hitotsuki will finally complete the Showa Era Hitotsuki list!

  9. And with that, all of the Heisei Era Hitotsuki has been completed. The only thing that matters now would be the remaining Hitotsuki from the Showa and the Reiwa Eras and how will the monsters' designs be looked like.

  10. Nope. I'm not obssessed with Nashiko Momotsuki. I'm just only giving to you the quiz about the upcoming TTFC Spinoff.

  11. And so, the Heisei Hitotsuki has been completed. I have no idea what kind of Hitotsuki will be next week. Could it be Battle Fever J or ChangeMan? Is Toei hiding the secret information from us?

  12. Good luck, Kayano chan! Soon, you'll be reunited with another ex-AKB48 Member Sae chan in the Decker Movie.

  13. Holy shit! Vice captain Kaizaki was a former AKb48 member?

  14. Yes. Sae Miyazawa was once a member of AKB48 and so was Kayano Nakamura. Sae was still an active member of that pop group at that time when she played the other Sawa in Ultraman Saga a decade ago.

  15. Nice illustration you've got there! Oh, and by the way, Christmas is over. We're already on Day 18 of 2023.

  16. Inuzuka's head on his tiny Inubrother body would haunt me to the end of my days if they do that.

  17. What about Kijino's body with very long legs but helmetless? Sounds weird, huh?

  18. So, this HyakujuuKi will be based on the Demon Tribe Org, the enemy of the GaoRangers. I wonder what kind of an Org Monster will be based on? I still missed TsueTsue and Yaibaiba.

  19. The Chimaera Org from GaoRanger Quest (Episode) 24 "Silver Wolf, Shine!!"?

  20. ...He's a voice actor. He can do the job in his house. More likely, there just isn't a point to bring back AkaRed when there's a perfectly good pirate that can be cast in whatever role he can play. And besides, he was killed off in Gokaiger

  21. However, AkaRed did returned in Zyuohger Animal War 5 years later. How did he didn't return in Zenkaiger was at first a mystery, but COVID-19 Pandemic ruined Tohru Furuya's plans with Toei as he cannot enter the premises. Will AkaRed return in 2026 after the 2021 debacle?

  22. Question: Is this the episode where Kanata Asumi's/Asumi Decker's identity as Ultraman Decker revealed to the entire GUTS Select and TPU? Also, is Mother Sphere more terrifying than Gransphere from 25 years apart?

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