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  1. Dude that's incredible. Is your stlye influenced by Jim Lee by any chance? Something about it is giving me Jim Lee vives

  2. Best gambit I ever did see!! You selling prints?

  3. Do you intend or are going towards working in the industry? Also, do you have an estimated time you’ll be available for commissions again? There’s a blank 1st appearance of the new Rhino variant I’d like an illustration of Rhino busting through a stylized brick wall on…

  4. Yes, I believe having this experience greatly increases the artist's knowledge. about commissions, probably in september, I have an email list, if you have any interest just leave it here, when available I email people or DM them on Instagram . Thank You!

  5. Literally my first cartoon crush. Idk if it was the accent or his powers. 🥵🥵🥵

  6. You have taste and talent. Now, are you looking to get married?

  7. Such great work in this! You have a ton of talent.

  8. Wow. This is incredible work! It’s got an old school feel while looking completely modern. It’s a fantastic style. Hope to see more!

  9. I have read comics off/on for 40 years and I honestly like this as much or more than any artist I've ever seen. Wish you were penciling all the X-Books right now. Such great talent and just love this style.

  10. Thank you, I'm happy to know, that my art has reached many people, thanks for your words, soon I'll be posting more art here.

  11. I believe Dazzler is the KISS girl, but idk the other guys name off the top of my head

  12. Where do you sell? With skills like this, how come you not working for Marvel, DC or Image comics?

  13. Seeing through Instagram, Facebook. Some people ask me to order or buy ready-made art.

  14. for comics it is necessary to have a certain mastery over graphic narrative, and to be quick to produce the pages, I need to improve on that. Thanks

  15. How did you become so good in ways of the pencil.

  16. just practice and study, but I don't consider myself a master, just an apprentice.

  17. Say what you want about the character but his design was dope

  18. Odd mix. Looks fantastic though. Glob Herman ,the cuckoos, chamber, husk, early Henry, rogue, I think jubilee with the glasses, and is that Hope? Why this group? And is that Bobby with an angry puss?

  19. I think they have the Five here. So that’s Hope, Egg, Proteus, Tempus (not Rogue), and Elixir (not Bobby). Then we have Wiz Kid (not Jubes), Glob, Husk, Chamber, and the Cuckoos.

  20. Okay, it's not the rogue, it's the five that make resurrection 😅

  21. it was a commission, I can't say about the choice of characters 😅

  22. I think the thing I love about this the most is I have always thought Vader was a little bulky. Your art has slimmed him down a bit and making him more badass to me!

  23. This is badass dude I wish I could do this

  24. THIS IS FLIPPING COOL ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

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