1. I'll side with a freedom-loving weeb/degenerate over an elitist commie any day.

  2. Maybe i'm not religious enough to understand the hate between religions that have very very similar moral values, but your views are cringy.

  3. It's that old effect of when two groups seem pretty similar to outsiders (shiite vs sunni/ croat vs serb/ catholic vs orthodox/ english vs irish/ AR vs AK/ whiskey vs whisky), their infighting is strong and long-lasting.

  4. Guns (and weapons at large) are cool; that's like one of the few things most of us agree on. Whether it's dirty Bolsheviks breaking stuff, super-dope Imperialists with a noble cause, or everyone else just maintaining their livelihoods; armaments are great (we mostly disagree on who gets them/keeps them afterwards), destroy the hoplophobes so we can duke our futures out like men

  5. Whoever inherits the Earth, it's not gonna be unarmed pansies.

  6. I always liked the idea of adding "Boom Boom" by Vegna Boys, it adds some psycho -levity

  7. Yeah and George washington owned slaves, doesnt mean im gonna support Sovereign citizens now.

  8. prominent businessmen and community figures sending proclamation of treason to their former king seeking to improve mercantile system =/= wife sharing cowards with pseudonyms hiding from multiple counties in basements to discuss endless "theory" Even if I don't agree on everything they did, and where that has led us, I appreciate folks who have everything to lose having some balls.

  9. Okay, now that you ran out of shit you accuse Lenin of being a cuck. Really.

  10. No comparison to godless commie trash, it would falsely raise weaklings to the stature of men

  11. Spot on; my ancestors' homelands are all corrupted, my mass practically inexistent, and my fraternal organizations functionality dead. ... just waiting in the woods for the sign.

  12. Let's see if they can get real socialism right this time.

  13. Remington 870 DM; the scattergat itself is okay, but I nabbed 4 mags before they went from $20 to $200.

  14. I never got into the whole box-fed shotgun thing, I had no idea these 870 mags skyrocketed in price. What happened, were they discontinued?

  15. Yep, 6-round mags for a mediocre (interesting concept though, different loads at the ready) shotgun discontinued by a restructuring bankrupt company.

  16. Please guys, can we have another crusade? Last one, we promise.

  17. We know they're not civil, it would at least be a consolation if they had the honor to fulfill their quest completely by themselves.

  18. My dude, those negative consequences you cite, are the result of the war not going far enough.

  19. We can't really call it a "war" without some good artillery barrages or bomber strikes, now can we?

  20. Sounds like an Auth-Center play with some pawns; damned Protestants.

  21. Being a legal firearms dealer; we appreciate y'all that endure the nonsense in lieu of having a fun-filled short-lived career on the socials.

  22. I listened to Symphony X years ago and was like "cool, literature nerd metal" and just 3 years ago found Sabaton from crusade memes and thought "even cooler, history nerd metal"

  23. Even the ones who have a basic understanding of history are calling someone who has an actual degree in history (me, B.S. Radford University) illiterate regarding this part of history. (And I was focusing on elections and US Politics.) The Party Switch was.... complicated as was the Southern Strategy. The Party Switch was just a re-alignment of Fiscal and social liberals moving towards the dems and social and fiscal conservatives moving towards the GOP.

  24. Lol, keys or not, I can ever imagine a situation where a standard woman punching a man is going to do anything other than piss him off

  25. Also, isn't the recommended hold in that scenario holding the biggest (usually car) key in an upwards-thrust position like a shiv?

  26. Still not going to matter and you'll go from being mugged to having your shit stomped in

  27. Agreed, I just meant if car keys are it, a shiv or a fist-pack is your best bet.

  28. One of these frequently needs to have decades-old sticky residue cleaned off and is derisively referred to as a "garbage rod" and the other one is a Mosin Nagant.

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