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  1. Nah i meant more like Lalo getting killed by someone else other than Gus 's crew like from a freak accident.

  2. The "Body Double" could be a "The Prestige" type of reveal that Gus has had a twin brother the whole time, Hence - Los Pollos Hermanos...

  3. When did you order yours? I ordered directly from DJI a few months ago and DJI is still telling me that they are out of stock

  4. I ordered mine on May 25. Received the next day. But I got it from B&H photo who ship out of New Jersey… which was the key point of the post that a US based seller had them in stock.

  5. Son of a B - I ordered mine April 7 from DJI's website.

  6. Question for you: There is a sticker on the seat tube below the seat. What does it say?

  7. Interesting, I haven’t looked into that. Will let you know what mine says tonight when I get home. I can easily get up to the max 28 mph so you might be on to something.

  8. That turned out to be the case. I adjusted the max speed and it reaches 28mph fine. Now the problem is that the pedal assist died on the first ride about a half mile in. I haven't heard from customer service in three days now.

  9. And you have the guys who complain about half of their discs sitting inbounds but it's ruled out of bounds in the app. Counted spit outs happen way more often than OB discs on the fringe

  10. Accurate Musket backhand usually gets me the perfect distance to flex a Ballista into or around the cave. I've found myself birdieing it more often now than I don't

  11. If you hadn't missed the first time you wouldn't have to worry about it!

  12. If you're that close to the out of bounds line, you probably deserve it to be out of bounds. -OrangePie

  13. I think the most unbelievable thing is that everyone finished their round with 9:41 remaining on the clock. Photoshopped maybe?

  14. I did the exact same thing 30 mins ago. I got robbed a little worse than this. Skipped off that rock and went over the wall.

  15. It's too bad you can only choose one. If you put the two together you would have a 14 speed. I'm glad it's not up to me to make these decisions.

  16. Holy crap I just got Kaho 3 stars finally!

  17. Although the video is awesome, the title of this post took a lot of wind out of the surprise. I wish I hadn't known there was a cat involved.

  18. In 2001 my friends and I got caught trespassing in a local high school. Not before we had already taken mouse balls out of every mouse in a particular computer lab. The school had claimed they couldn't find the mouse balls so they wanted to replace every mouse ~25 with new optical mice (about $800). In desperation and being the problem solver I am, I turned to this thing I had barely heard of called "Google" and searched "bulk mouse balls" my father and I bought a box of 200 mouse balls for $40. The school accepted them as a replacement and we both went our separate ways (outside of our 6 months of probation for trespassing as a minor).

  19. Elite Gold Glove defenders should have the awareness not to run into a wall when you're up 1 run against the Miami Marlins in the bottom of the 2nd inning of a meaningless August game.

  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J8oYFXt0KA

  21. No one has mentioned Audition...?!

  22. I haven't charged mine in over 10 years and it still turns on. How is that possible?

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