1. I love that shop I live down the street from them. Ya those guys are awesome bought 3 boxes of spa before Xmas and pulled 3 patches crazy stuff

  2. I'm lucky you didn't clean him out, or this beauty wouldn't have been mine....lol. But I am very glad it sounds like you had some success too. It seems as though he had one of those magical cases you see from time to time.

  3. DACW is a vendor that's been around for a long, long time and to me, and I believe other as well, enjoys a very good reputation. What might be confusing you is they now have two types of cases (1) just plain regular cases where they didn't get it from a pallet or otherwise direct, and (2) "factory fresh" cases that they get directly, and are wrapped that way and to which are affixed a code which you can scan to show that the case was indeed received direct and wrapped. It if not a very consequential distinction for newer stuff, especially if it's less expensive, but they are banking that over time the "proof" that the case has been untampered with will make be a market differentiator for them.

  4. Wasn’t the /10 just for him since he didn’t have the signing license or did Kakko get one too?

  5. Kakko also didn't sign, and got an acetate version like Dahlin; but Kakko has no future watch patch card of any kind, at least according to the cardboardconnection checklist

  6. Asking $2,475 (or BO)? Seems a bit high, but you might just find a taker given that there are only 50 of these, a small fraction of which would be PSA10s. Either way, it's a beaut!

  7. Best offer 100%, I just had to put it somewhere and I didn’t want to undershoot considering there’s not another one listed, let alone a PSA 10.

  8. You do you, but I wouldn't blink at anything under $2000. Sorokin is every bit as good as Shesterkin, and if he doesn't break through this season then he will in the 2023-24 campaign when Varlamov will have left. Although Sorokin almost assuredly will have a /99 Cup Rookie, and there's some other limited stuff, the SPA brand, plus a PSA10 and it being inscribed, make this truly special. It's an investment piece, whether for you or the person lucky enough to convince you to sell it.

  9. As long as you trust the guy, ask what % he takes and how he determines pricing.

  10. Interesting - I guess it'd be safe to dip my toes in and see how it goes, although in view of some of the caveat postings perhaps I'm asking for more trouble than it'd be worth.

  11. Never heard of a B&M’s store but why don’t you ask the guy you intend to work with these questions?

  12. Dave & Adam's is the only individual or store I've ever had a bad experience with ordering sealed, and they have a 2 star rating on Yelp and 1.4/5 rating on the

  13. FWIW I've ordered from them for about two decades, and never been dissatisfied, and nearly all online merchants will have their share of disgruntled customers.

  14. I think that anyone whom I've ever heard say wise things about finance, collectables, and/or Magic The Gathering in particular says these are a terrible place to park your money. In fact, I struggle to think of something else where trusted opinions have been so uniformly negative, except maybe about....ironicallly....timeshares.

  15. You can succeed on your own; however, it will take a lot of work and you will need to know what you're doing or have deep enough pockets to afford to figure it out. Yes, you can get some sealed for prices that let you profit, but it's not that easy. And nearly every store that I still see around has diversified in some way, to get a better cross section of clientele.

  16. With situations like this I always like to make a list of what we 'don't' want based on experience and let that help narrow the choices. We can than rank the choices based on what we want. I'm about 5 years away from retiring and my wife is about 6 years away. We live in NorCal in the suburbs.

  17. Interesting - we may give it a try to narrow things based on don'ts rather than do's

  18. Since you don’t seem to be tied to family, and medical conditions are an issue, you may need to consider the availability of assisted living facilities, senior transport and other services, protections for long term care insurance, etc.

  19. Without getting into too many details, we just have recurring but not life-affecting conditions that require us to get medical treatment more often than others. But we definitely did weigh this issue in looking at states, which is why we gravitated in some cases to places where there are more retirees, as although as some have said ITT it's not always best to be in a place where it's all geezers - ourselves included - there is the benefit of likely having more senior-directed services and facilities.

  20. I was planning to hold 5 WAR jp boxes but eventually just got bored and opened them so there you go on why people don't hold sealed long term very well lol

  21. Don't feel bad - thinking about what I opened back in the day versus what I paid for them and what they're worth now is not a fun memory to say the least. On the plus side, I did get a bunch of pack fresh cards, many of which I still have and might get graded if prices and wait times ever become sane again.

  22. The max price of anything is ultimately what someone is willing to pay for it. There are less people willing to pay higher dollar amounts for true near mint cards.

  23. I'm willing to pay a premium, but I generally can't find them at online stores, even though they already are charging a premium. Yes, sometimes there are scans at ABU and you can request them at CK if the card is valued over $100, but what you get being passed off as NM is LP if you're lucky. Yes, ebay with scans is an answer; however, for those of us with buylist credit at these stores it's disappointing to see you can no longer reliably turn that into true NM cards.

  24. Abu has mint as a category on their buylist for some cards.

  25. Yeah, and when you read it, it sure sounds like what most would consider NM. Here's what it says (taken from

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