AITA for kicking out my daughter after she kept complaining about our household?

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AITA for taking our son trick or treating without my wife?

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  1. Not a huge fan of this movie but Jennifer Lawrence in “Mother” was just insane. She has said in interviews that she never wants to go back to the place she was while getting in character for that role.

  2. Totally understand the “thanklessness” of it all. So unmotivating. Thank you for trying so far, OP. You have so much strength.

  3. Singles (1992) by Cameron Crowe is the perfect documentation of the Seattle grunge scene

  4. I didn’t think you were TA until you mentioned that your wife was slightly upset that your son didn’t want to go with her. And despite that, you still didn’t include her and even went out without her, affirming your child’s bad behavior. YTA

  5. It would probably really suck for them if you accidentally sprayed pepper spray on the door handle of the driver's door. Not speaking from experience or anything just saying it would probably suck

  6. It’s okay Ig. Just really unneccesary to cover such a perfect track as RUTH to me. There’s no room for improvement 😆

  7. Well, for me they do. If I don’t like anything better about it than the original (so if nothing improved), there is no need to listen to it instead of the original for me.

  8. Sounds like you’ve got a limited perspective then 🤷‍♀️

  9. NAH- She’s an addict and you unfortunately have to be on the other side of it as her friend. It’s crazy how addiction can change someone and ruin friendships like that but I hope you can rest assured knowing that it’s not really her that’s acting this way but the addiction, which is why I said NAH. That being said, you’re right- it’s not an excuse to be so shitty. You might have to give her an ultimatum if you’re tired of being walked all over like this where you tell her how you feel and that you’re not willing to continue this friendship if she continues to flake to go do drugs and drink. If you choose to do this, you should accept that there’s a chance she might pick drugs over you. You could also maybe tell her family that you’re concerned for her in that regard. I hope it turns out okay

  10. It worries me that you’re a parent, YTA. You resulted to physical force before even asking him “why don’t you want to shower?” Or maybe incentivizing him. If he still said no, you should have accepted that it is his body and not yours, especially since he’s not even your kid. You need patience with kids their age.

  11. Jesus christ you are as thick as a plank of wood. What part made you think your dumb ass comment was going to change my mind that this sub is full of entitled Karen's?

  12. She was passive aggressive, his reaction was not over the top, she was in the wrong to suggest in the end to cancel, like she was waiting for an excuse to do that.

  13. She literally could not have been more forward, what are you on?

  14. Posting your business interactions with people that aren't even that bad on TikTok now is the new norm? Seems pretty unprofessional to me

  15. It wouldn’t happen if customers werent pieces of shit to workers

  16. Often times vegetarians are on a journey to become vegan, discouraging them like this doesn’t really help anything/anyone.

  17. Going through your account you seem like a ray of sunshine

  18. You might want to consider therapy; being hard on yourself probably manifests in other ways in your life as well.

  19. It definitely does and yes Im in therapy. I think it’s more of a personal issue or maybe being an over achiever. But honestly that’s pretty insightful of you to suggest so thank you

  20. To vent, to try to articulate very specific feelings/stories

  21. Streetwise- incredible doc shot on the streets of 1980s Seattle focusing on homeless youth. Paris is Burning too ofc

  22. What is the point of these? I get so sick of constantly seeing it every day

  23. Personally I prefer a mom bod. Those young skinny girls look like they'll break in half if you look at them the wrong way. Give me a mom bod any day

  24. You don’t need to put down a certain group of women to compliment another

  25. You're right. My apologies to those I may have offended. It was an ill-advised off hand remark made without much thought. ☹️

  26. Oh damn I respect you for owning it though, that’s honestly rare :)

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