1. Gotabaya Rajapaksha - Sri Lanka (2019- present) This idiot and his family ruined our country, we don't have fuel for vehicles. We have daily power cuts. Running low on Emergency medicine. A school boy died because they couldn't find antivenom for a snake bite. Small childrens die, schools and universities had been closed. All of our dollar stocks are gone. This foolish family, they stole money from the country and placed that in their foreign bank accounts..... ugh.... we are so sad as a nation. people demanding his resignation. He wont even listen. Im 20yo. Those people destroyed our lives. Please. You can help our country by making a holiday visit. Visit Sri Lanka. Tourism is our only hope.

  2. We went to Sri Lanka and met some of the friendliest welcoming people ever

  3. Stop caring. Live and let die. Hell was paved with good intentions.

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