My order came to $69 at 4:20pm. Also BOOOB

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  1. I´m not joking, this looks way better that some places that I rented when I was really really poor, this is sad.

  2. My first thought was - You know this is for chickens, right?

  3. Red spotted purple (Limenitis arthemis astyanax).

  4. That name always gets me. Seems like it’s not complete. Red spotted purple…what? 🤣

  5. You’re the DM…poof, it’s a hog. If you don’t want it to fly…poof, it doesn’t fly. One of the greatest things about D&D is it’s made up, you can do whatever you want. I have been playing for about 40 years and have never run or played in a campaign that’s 100% by the book. If changing Lulu will make it more memorable and fun for your players (especially your kids), do it. I’m currently running Descent and got rid of Lulu not long into the campaign. Found Lulu’s presence unnecessary. We’re nearing the end and Lulu may return if needed, haven’t decided yet. Make it up as you go, have fun, that’s what it’s all about.

  6. You can reset the window button as well. Hold it up wait for it to go up hold for 5 sec. press it down and hold for 5 sec.

  7. silicon lube in the window seal. it's encountering resistance and triggering the safety circuit.

  8. I’ve seen that suggested. May give it a try.

  9. It’s Disney World, it’s caused by magic!

  10. Just about everything. I’m pretty much ambidextrous but considered a “lefty” since I write left handed (one of the most fine motor skilled things there is). But, I can also write with my right hand, just not quite as well.

  11. It is the glass top to a percolator coffee maker. The coffee bubbles up into it so you can see the percolator in action. I use one every day.

  12. That does look just like it with the ridges.

  13. That’s it for sure. You can buy replacements as they fracture with use.

  14. If you ever encounter an empty one, go in it. Sounds are amplified and the echoes are amazing.

  15. On vacation at a restaurant while waiting for a table he stealthily applied GooglyEyes. Didn’t say a word until after lunch while we were leaving he said “Dad, check it out” and discreetly pointed. Very proud moment for me.

  16. That’s the immature receipt I’ve ever seen.

  17. Human: Homo sapiens sapiens.

  18. So, tell me more. Why the graphite, what did you paint on there? Explain like I’m five.

  19. So gold leaf is super thin, like 4-5 millionths of an inch in thickness. So when it goes down on a surface, you can see through it in some places, not to mention that unless you're a master (which I am not) the leaf goes down unevenly and you get cracks. A base layer is applied to the surface you're gilding in order to temper the color of the gold from underneath and provide a less jarring background color than the stark white of the page. Usually its bole, a red clay which is ground up, mixed with adhesive, and painted on as a base layer. It makes the gold look warmer and richer and can help the eye pass over flaws in the gold surface.

  20. Thanks for the info. I gild a lot of playing cards, invitations, business cards, stationery and even some books but use heat applied foils. Always looking for ways to improve quality.

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