1. Ukraine is kicking Russia's ass and Biden is fixing to legalize marijuana. What a day to be alive.

  2. "You guys are gonna be able to get higher than a T-72 turret after a Javelin strike!", Biden announced jubilantly.

  3. Google's search for $SPY is messed up - the suggested search dropdown shows SPY as being down -0.51% (which is accurate) but in GREEN.

  4. Fhey can just claim to be forced conscripts, and I've seen nothing to suggest seperatists get tortured or shot on sight by the Ukrainians.

  5. Man if I were an unwilling conscript from the L or D region I'd surrender the first time I found a piece of white fabric. Or cardboard, even. I'd wave that thing so hard the UA's biggest problem would be figuring out if I were a conscript surrendering or one of those inflatable tube guys advertising for a car dealership.

  6. Well they certainly don't mean Ronna Romney McDaniel, she stopped using the "Romney" after a certain cult leader demanded she do so as a loyalty test.

  7. I hope more people wake up to the fact that religion is part and parcel to these scandals, whether they occur in churches or not. Religion trains people not to question authority, which leads to abuse of all kinds throughout society. People who question authority and think critically are far less likely to be abused.

  8. Not to mention that religious organizations (particularly "Christian" ones, it seems) provide opportunities (followed by absolution and protection) for those who commit the abuses.

  9. At first I was surprised Ukraine wasn't committing to full encirclements. But looking back now their strategy of squeezing on 3 sides while offering an escape route has a lot of advantages:

  10. I've still got some residual affinity towards him because I'm pretty sure he gave me (and a bunch of other autists) gold one time.

  11. It was a diversion from his old getting his employee pregnant scandal. But twitter is forcing him to go through with the contract he signed eventhough he doesn't want to. They had to threaten to sue to get him to go through with it.

  12. Kind of funny to see Elon getting coerced into a financial arrangement he wants no part of after what he did to that flight attendant/masseuse.

  13. This is not the Roberts court. This is the Thomas court.

  14. Prior to this was jaywalking strictly enforced in California?

  15. Not strictly enforced, but I've gotten a ticket and I've seen other people get them.

  16. Imagine spending 20 years doing honorable service and then throwing it all away by committing fraud against dirt poor people legally coming to your country as refugees from an oppressive foreign regime.

  17. I first read that as "imagine spending 12 years doing honorable service and then throwing it all away by attempting to overthrow the very government you served in support of a fantastical 4chan-based conspiracy theory" and was like, hey, what does Ashli Babbit have do to with any of this?

  18. Oh thank God saber, a beacon of stability in the musk driven madness of today.

  19. When you said "musk driven madness" I thought you were talking about my wife's reaction to my new cologne.

  20. He really doesn't. He's been wrong many times in the past and is a giant asshole. If he does something good, it's usually to boost his own image.

  21. Kind of curious about the how and why she was discharged from the military - you'd think if it were "honorable" they might have mentioned as much.

  22. J29 says:

    Yeah it seems weird but I'd rather play them after a big win than a loss

  23. They got beat by the Colts because they were looking ahead to this game - it's been circled on their calendar since they lost the Super Bowl. Hopefully they'll have a similar let-down on the back end.

  24. If they had taken the Colts game seriously, it would not have been close enough for any of those things to matter, and most of them probably wouldn't have happened in the first place.

  25. I hadn't noticed it before, but the ball actually came out on Crosby's sack of Wilson (second play of the sequence). Just unlucky for us that it didn't bounce free for someone else to pounce on.

  26. What level of support is Ukraine getting from the west in terms of intelligence and military planning?

  27. Did you make enough for everyone?

  28. Right. If someone would just create a simple alternative that allows me to see a similar timeline of friends and family and interest groups I have now, I would make the switch. I just don’t want to lose touch with people.

  29. It's not a question of building it - the real problem is getting someone to manage/maintain it. People are assholes - particularly online - and if someone doesn't take responsibility for keeping the assholes in check, they will take over and everyone else leaves. And it's a shitty responsibility that no normal person wants - hence the opportunity for companies like facebook to step in and make money doing so. And even they are finding that it's hard to keep the assholes under control.

  30. ok this is good news she got the boot they probably realized she is a Kremlin troll

  31. The Hill wouldn't care. They employed John Solomon for many years, who is the easiest mark for laundering opposition research in pretty much all of human history.

  32. Nuclear Butt Slut would be an amazing band name, just saying.

  33. I saw them open for Electric Mosquito Racket at the Bordello before COVID. Solid show.

  34. When I was an idiot teen, I was in the FL Panhandle and a tropical storm hit down the beach. My buddies and I ran to the water and it only took a moment to want to get back out. The water, moving laterally, went from my ankles to my neck in a matter of seconds and swept me down like 40 feet. I was like, nah I'm out. Only takes a second for water to impose its will.

  35. Why would they do that? Sometimes reality is just like that.

  36. Why there are lots of parallels between the GOP and Russia. Let's stand united against all forms of fascism.

  37. Agreed, when you've got Mike Pompeo literally congratulating neo-fascists on their election performance in Italy, it's hard to ignore GOP support for fascism.

  38. Referendum results looking in the high 90%. They're not even trying to be subtle

  39. It's not a "referendum". It's a "sham referendum" and those two words should never be separated in this context.

  40. Russians who have been drafted remember your vehicle is easily disabled with sugar in the gas tank or the wrong kind of fuel and that you cannot fight if your ammo dump had been blown up. Learn the ways of sabotage: save your life, don't die for Putin, that would be the real crime.

  41. I wonder what effect rocks/sand would have? Possibly as litte of an effect as making the fuel tank effectively smaller, but even that might be helpful - can't drive to the front if you're out of gas!

  42. Oh that's not a little fire, that's a fire done by people who do what they were doing.

  43. https://twitter.com/igorsushko/status/1574177557737459713

  44. I was going to make a joke about how he'd probably be safer in a Turkish prison than in the Russian army, but from the look of things he'll be lucky not to end up in a Turkish morgue.

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