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  1. Got it so when getting thirsty begin fighting the person swimming next to me

  2. You don’t fuck with fish but aquaman is fair game

  3. I am sorry did I miss something? I installed Shazam and do search through the app. Is there a faster way? I don’t have apple music

  4. Wb f1? F1tv and f1 needs to use this I want to see a counter for how many time ferrari fucks up their strategy

  5. I don’t watch live so please no. I don’t need spoilers. I want to watch after work and buzz on my time without being spoilerd. It’s hard enough to keep away from the social medias

  6. Me too. Plus It's impolite to urinate before or during ejaculation.

  7. That tells you which tree it's stuck in and how high? Impressive

  8. Yes and it protects against wildlife like bears. /s

  9. I know you can be safe from sea bears just by drawing a perfect circle around yourself

  10. You can check for fever by sticking your thumb in the pooper. It even works for covid if you don’t smell anything after

  11. Christian Lindners Eltern be like: "klar können deine Freunde mitessen, das kostet dann Essensgeld, wir wollen ja keine Gratismentalität"

  12. Yeah this dude seems drunk if he can’t balance himself in the pool

  13. If that’s the Rickroll you’re dead.

  14. The big ones ain’t that good tastin…you want the youngens

  15. I mean you can just hover your phone over your ear, I do this because my face gets oily

  16. I hate to be the guy but: wireless earphones, some call them AirPods

  17. I hate to be this guy but, maybe just wipe off your phone with a cloth? These people complaining about this clearly have never dated someone that wears glasses. Just something for people to complain about that is an easy fix or something that doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things.

  18. Yea that’s why I stated the obvious: buy more stuff /s

  19. You might reach tjmax on the hottest core even on the 360 freezer, especially with higher ambients. And sadly at 100% fan & pump. Higher clock means higher voltage means higher hotspot means thermal interfaces won’t be flat enough to transfer the heat quickly enough. This is why people lap & delid and put the top sku on a custom loop.

  20. I have it undervolted -.100v. VCore maxes at 1.378v. It will draw 205w in the all core test. CPU cooler is the Thermalright Peerless Assassin SE120. Peak temp at full tilt-1hour cinebench all core is 80c. I’m actually quite impressed with the cooler but I’m going off on a tangent.

  21. Try looking at the behavior without the undervolt. Sounds like a good tower cooler.

  22. Okay, idk why you're dismissing me but have you seen the AM5 IHS? There are inner bumps and outer bumps and no side seem to be wide enough for a thumb but I haven't held one so I may still be wrong

  23. You hold it on the sides of the green board layer instead of the ihs, is what he meant.

  24. Oh but there’s gonna be way more bent pins when someone drops the lga cpu in the socket

  25. Gen 5 will be used for nvme for at least 2 years in the premium sector like gen4 nvme. Hot, overpriced and unnecessary for the consumer at home

  26. Yeah, one DIMM per channel is the way to go. Probably will be a B650E/750E board for me when I make the jump... I mostly want Zen 5, but Zen 4 w/cache might be sufficient to make me jump from my 5950X... 5800X3D is already faster in OpenFOAM, but 12900k is faster still... I just don't do enough of it to justify a big expense for a focused improvement, so I am trying to convince myself to hold out.

  27. This is where Zen4+ refresh should improve and why I wait for zen5. Zen3 has plenty and ddr5 will be more mature until end of 2023/ early 24

  28. “Ich biete 50€ weniger an als inseriert und will mit Versand nach Österreich.”

  29. Here’s a song to cheer you up while you clean that laptop with isopropyl alcohol. Turn off the machine tough and use a q-tip between the keys. Don’t isopropyl-board it.

  30. Nah, he was probably like, blub, blub, blub... 💧

  31. I can but because I was already fat lol

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