1. They mean suitable accomodation in Perth.

  2. Nothing beats the new Top Gun. Sequels are notoriously bad and especially with a movie that has such high expectations.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAH this is so good 😂😂😂😂

  4. Is this real? Doctors behind are walking around like nothings going on

  5. I don't believe you do. What verse for beheading then?

  6. Don’t fall for these trolls. When asked to bring a verse they have nothing to say. Media driven brainwash at its finest 😂

  7. I haven't been close to it, but I would consider this to be a general labour type of service that would be carried out to clean out/clean down operational infrastructure in shutdown conditions. The prospects for growth would be much the same as any labour type job - get more well rounded experience, demostrate a bit of leadership and potentially end up as a supervisor in due course.

  8. They did but few mentioned the growth aspect of HPWB. Thanks for the insight!

  9. I suspect that's because the field/question is too specific. It's a field with (and not trying to downplay what you do) a relatively low barrier to entry. It's not quite a field with multiple levels of qualifications like you'd get with heavy plant operators, truck drivers and welders

  10. Agreed man. That’s actually why I asked haha nobody seems to know anything. What do you do? And what site? If you want to say

  11. I'd go work for someone who is working your ideal job / living your ideal life. For example if you want to run an e-commerce store, go work for one and learn the ins and outs.

  12. Appreciate this man. Thanks. Are you comfortable saying what industry?

  13. I was "the fat kid" at school. I was always put in goal (football, or soccer to my american friends) because i "was so wide that i filled the net".

  14. That’s good man, you still ended up doing something fulfilling to yaself I guess. Bullies are bullies. You made it out

  15. This is why most people are average. They don’t understand your mindset. Nobody got rich doing what everyone else is.

  16. It's not for everyone. I've been doing fifo for 20+ years and prefer the compartmentalised lifestyle. Admittedly I don't ( and won't ) do a 2/1.

  17. Haha really appreciate this. Puts things into perspective. I’m a pretty low maintenance person, frugal spender so that part I have covered too. Just trying to earn the most I can right now. But long term I do want to leverage myself into a position that an even swing with better pay. Only experience etc will fix that.

  18. Generally mate within 2 years you can move roles or companies onto a better roster. I know a drillers offsider that in 2 1/2 years has gone from not having done mining, to being a driller, 4/1 to 3/1 to 2/1 to 1/1. Most people aim to progress to easier jobs, better pay and better rosters and most get to do that if that have a head on their shoulders…. Unless of course they can get better pay on the longer rosters and want it.

  19. MALAYSIA is really slept on, amazing food

  20. I gave you teh one that matters, dude. It shows gold prices being more stable that BTC.

  21. Ahh the old go through the comments to clap back 🤡 that’s new levels of low.

  22. Because I don't see anything notably good about BTC. It's just another investment, that's pretty volatile and high risk.

  23. No social media for a few years to reset

  24. The slow realisation that I’m never gona be rich

  25. Sure ;-). Please write a comment if it is free and appears to be helpful since somehow I got a downvote.

  26. Hey man could I please get it aswell kind regards!

  27. If you don’t mind could you DM me as well? I’m always interested in learning more. And a round of up votes for you!

  28. Hey man I would like the content aswell if you could. Kind regards!

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