1. Just calibrate your joystick within windows, usually it's good enough to cancel any drift.

  2. Yes i had done the recalibration within windows but everytime i want to use the controller or even just restart the configuration is gone, is quite tedious to do every single time.

  3. Try rewasd and set a Small deadzone, this way it will ignore the drift.

  4. Let's hope they never get kid, you don't deserve to be a parent when you are that stupid.

  5. No game is stable, frostbite can be a bit hellish when it comes to oc, might be the cause of your issue.

  6. Baldur's Gate 1 and 2,ice windale trilogy.

  7. Don't worry about the get gud players who think running arround with 400 Pound of equipment is normal.

  8. Found qnap nas to be one of the best option to run security cameras.

  9. World would have been quite a better place without these 3.....

  10. Don't it's holding one of the most toxic and insane community know to man kind.

  11. Only trashy for Elon Musk followers who believe he can't do no wrong.

  12. The joy of fictional writing and making a religion out of it.

  13. Watch movies from the 70s and back and you'll understand Why they called it This way.

  14. I'm sure it would count and be a mouthful, considering Leia hair.

  15. The Asus hands down,3060 and ryzen is a fantastic combo.

  16. It's not funny, it's quite understandable to see people worry about something so expensive

  17. Dbrand case are fantastic, dropped my phone many times and still looks like new.

  18. I'm I the only one thinking about Trevor watching this?

  19. Let's talk about the fact you can stand on a moving jet.

  20. The game nobody asked for, mobile games are a modern plague.

  21. To be fair religious beliefs has no place in the modern society.

  22. Most likely a marketplace seller, not sold directly by Best Buy.

  23. may I know what about FC5 made you like them? I finished the 1/3 of the game and straight gave up seeing how it is the same of FC3 and FC4 ( I kinda love 4 with the mini helicopter thingy)

  24. The character,the story , the music and mainly the environment.

  25. i see, while im not american, I kinda like seeing how the southern american felt like. prolly gonna gave it a go once I have the means to make a new pc.

  26. Did she use the last of her Brain matter and injected it in her lips?

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