1. 1st item room and I can take both items xD

  2. Did your game crash? Also, did you take a health up pill?

  3. Game didn't crash... Aren't health up pills on The Lost useless?

  4. If you went in the most upper space of the room, flies couldnt damage you until something pushed them

  5. Even if you could pick it up... It would be useless

  6. Thats a maybe... But I did manage without it...

  7. Looks very similar to Phillipa Eilhart from witcher 3

  8. Would reccomend you to try to use eraser as bethany (its so broken with the soul heart mechanic loool

  9. I love that still someone plays flash isaac (I got platinum god)

  10. I actually prefer flash over Rebirth. Don't ask me why, I don't exactly know myself, it just seems more fun for me.

  11. I did my platinum god mainly cuz of nostalgia... After that, I started working on dead god in repentance (in my opinion its a lot easier to play repentance than the flash lol) and now Im stuck at T.Lost. About 80% there :)

  12. Update: I took the Twisted Pair. Found out it wasnt so bad with Tech X. Took 3 Dollar Bill just for fun. Found Saturnus and 4.5 Volt ( you can guess the synergy of Glowing hourglass, Battery, 4.5 volt and high damage :17735:)

  13. How do you do Mother and Hush in the same run?? Does the hush door open in corpse?

  14. Not in vanilla... I have a mod that opens Cathedral, Sheol, Hush door (under some conditions) after Mother fight. I will try to send link

  15. Which one are you gonna use first ? 🤔

  16. Kill mom again... You will see progress

  17. Why aren't u posting a screenshot :4358:

  18. Shift+windows+S... U don't even need to pull your phone up.

  19. If I had an option... I probably would. Depends on the character more +if she wouldn't mind dating a short guy

  20. Damn I hate hot potato challange

  21. Hot potato wasn't hard... Did it first try. Ultra hard is where I am stuck at. Already did like 8 runs and died every time (not even in womb).

  22. Veď FiFqo má nejakú spoluprácu kde ho pro hráč učí ako hrať lepšie csgo

  23. To mal byť joke, pretože FiFqo dáva možno 7 killov za hru... Ta spolupráca je s Dr.Max a tuším, že to bola jednorázovka s tým pro hráčom...

  24. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard nenadväzuje na ostatné Resident Evil hry (okrem toho, že po 7mičke je 8mička a.k.a. Village), pričom RE6 a menej už nie sú brané ako hororové... Takže by som bol asi radšej, nech si vyskúša 7 a 8.+tie hry vyžadujú trocha aimu (čo FiFqo má z hrania csga :D), takže aj keď by to hral, mal by si dať ľahkú, maximálne strednú obtiažnosť...

  25. Nemyslím si, že by ho to bavilo... On nie je na taký typ hier.

  26. To je síce pravda ale ked uz hral outlast tak by mohol skúsiť aspoň RE7

  27. Tiež mám rad hru RE7 (aj madhouse som dal), ale neviem si predstaviť ako by fifqo vedel narábať s aimom, ammo managementom, ešte by sa stratil 30x dokedy by našiel objective... Tak proste neviem čo mam ešte povedať.

  28. Yep... Spike is pretty op near opponent safe without a proper defense :D

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