I need to rant about things I've seen from fellow Xers

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  1. It's so funny when he does that, I find it endearing. It's just the catch all phrase for "whatever I left out that I can't think of the word"

  2. Just like how Mike's go to when he couldn't think of the proper words was "Te amo"

  3. I think in a general election I will vote blue but in a primary I will vote for the most progressive candidate

  4. That's what I started doing. I voted for an extremely progressive candidate in my congressional primary. She didn't win, unfortunately. The only difference with me is that I also want to be strategic and vote for the blue candidate most likely to win against the republican. Where I live, no republican would win. But for president it is sometimes different

  5. It is SO inappropriate. And I hated how when Ari announced the results of the pregnancy test, she looked at Leandro and not Bini!

  6. At the coast, Carolina Beach State Park has a really nice campground, and it's a short drive to the beach.

  7. I’ve had people straight up lie about what happened when getting in an accident. Without witnesses/footage it’s very hard to fight he said she said.

  8. Yup. I was at a toll booth once and the guy in front of me I guess was impatient or had no change and backed up suddenly right into my car...didn't look, I guess. Then he told the cops I rear ended him. But a toll taker saw the whole thing. Such a dirtbag and I missed a job interview due to that.

  9. Even before 60, there are periods of your life where you take an assessment of your grandparents then later your parents and aunts/uncles and you realize, "dang, we're going to attend some painful funerals in the next 5 to 10 years."

  10. He's funny but I can't stand him, I think he probably would have marched through the city with patriot front, and he has the worst farts one could have

  11. I'm trying to figure out who I despise more, Mohammed or Emily. Tough call.

  12. That is so awful, because other guests probably have dogs too who may not be able to interact well with off leash dogs. People are so selfish. My dog is 15 years old and fragile. Would definitely not want this guy’s dogs jumping all over her. I hate that guy

  13. It would be funny if he had to spend a week with Angela when he got here as an initiation before living with Yve.

  14. That is perfect. All of the really shitty would-be spouses should be forced to spend a week with Angela as part of the show.

  15. I hate him. I wish they would hook him up with Emily instead, who is equally terrible. Just mix it up. Put the bad people together.

  16. Yes! She looked gorgeous. I love that hairstyle on her. And she has very pretty eyes.

  17. Her response to the reporter is absolutely infuriating.

  18. Living "only 2 hours from the ocean and 3 hours from the mountains" means you are not actually close to either and you just live in the sweaty piedmont.

  19. I've seen him at that Harris Teeter and Bank of America right there. Not recently, though.

  20. Is it vegetarian? It doesn’t have fish sauce or shrimp paste in it?

  21. I'm pretty sure it does. They told me their sauces are premade with fish sauce.

  22. thought it was Jennifer Coolidge

  23. I haaatttteeeee her. Most visceral reaction I’ve ever had to a cast member next to Ella

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