1. That's not why we're losing Tatum is statistically 1 of the most clutch players oat. We have clear holes and we get exploited when he goes to the bench. Our backup center is Luke and our #1 backup wing is Hauser that's a problem.

  2. You and I both know that when it comes to certain teams and situations this team has the tendency to get in their own way. Need we look at Tatums finals performance or even a large majority of his efficiency vs the heat in the East semis. Watch them tonight and see how the rest of team plays when Tatum and Jaylen (but more so Tatum) are playing loose fast and in control.

  3. It’s not that a better bench is not helpful but it isn’t the last piece of the puzzle imo

  4. Man I like Mac but given where this team is rn this might as well be a picture of me holding the Lombardi 🤣🤣

  5. JB is still not healthy, idk why dude is playing. His explosiveness is completely gone

  6. Why do we look really good then really bad all the time. We always seem hot and cold

  7. Heat fans have always been annoying as hell but I can see it from their perspective this time. They started the season extremely slow and once again people completely disregarded them and wrote them off. They're finally getting back on track and have won 15 of their last 20 games or something. They're just excited about playing like they should be.

  8. Assuming both teams are healthy…at full strength we would demolish the heat. I’m confident the Jays are confident vs these guys bring ‘em on

  9. This is the most pathetic troll attempt of all time. Yeah dude you’re right Miami is the best team in the NBA!!

  10. See if the Cs played with this cast on exclusively through Tatum he would put up Luka numbers too lol

  11. It’s nice to see the bench folks playing with energy and scrappiness. Hopefully the tape can be an example of the tone we need to set as a team when we are healthy.

  12. Towards the end of the interview Dev makes a comment about Phil and Tom “spewing nonsense” it completely catches them off guard. Then there’s one more comment at the end about them essentially being complete hacks. It’s tongue and cheek but Phil Perry’s face says it all. Really aggressive barb from Dev.👀

  13. Dude that’s what I thought watching it. It seemed to come across rather bluntly and awkwardly. Phil’s face seemed surprised

  14. He has to play at least as well as he did in year one. That being said we all have to be comfortable with the reality that we might have fucked his development in which case we need to move in regardless lol

  15. Wasn't Klemm absolute buttcheeks as the Steelers OL coach?

  16. He played OT in the league can he really be worse than Patricia? Dear god I hope not

  17. JB has not been healthy in a min dude needs to take a serious rest

  18. Wonder who else we are bringing to the staff, hopefully an additional position coach

  19. Honestly feels like it's JT. When he plays lackadaisical ( never used that word in my life feel like a scholar lmao ) so does the rest of the team. When he plays with fire the rest of the team seems to follow suit. He leads by example

  20. Came here to say this. You’re only as good as your best player. When JT is locked in the team is aggressive. When he’s flailing his arms on drives and lumbering up the court exhausted the team has a tendency to check out. Malcom off the bench does a great job of resetting the tone tho I will say.

  21. The out route to Amendola on the comeback drive against the falcons deep in our own territory on a gotta have it 3rd down

  22. Casual fan here - why did they fake going for it on the 4th down, then take a delay of game penalty just to punt instead?

  23. Should I take this much joy in watching the Bills fans crumble… probably not but I for one blame Matt Patricia for building such resentment 🤣

  24. I just went to their sub to do some light reading. They are in shambles. It’s great

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