Beto really called someone out tonight in Mineral Wells, Texas. To think someone would laugh when Beto's talking about kids dying and describing the damage an AR-15 can do...

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  1. Do not mess around. When HEB makes it spicy, it is not to be underestimated.

  2. No Joke, they the habanero jack cheese, is was not too spicy, nice kick, used it in mac&cheese. They discontinued this and replaced it with this:

  3. Unfortunately, this is the most likely outcome, those under 400K don't have the resources to fight it, and their audits have the highest chance of generating stats that look favorable. Hit the low-hanging fruit first.

  4. Because it worked so well for Hong Kong.

  5. Tell that to samuel l jackson. Rate of use might not matter that much as the passion in the delivery.

  6. Well, When it comes to cuss words in this context, Samuel L Jackson is a billionaire.

  7. try some offices a bit farther out in the sticks. Sometimes you can find an office in a smaller county without these issues.

  8. Yea, came here via Digg, and this chart does not say what they think it says. The longer the bar, the longer the time in the drive-through.

  9. what makes you think that people here interpreted it differently?

  10. Digg has revised their interpretation of the data to reflect what the data actually says. Originally they were saying chick-fila was the fastest and had improved the most.

  11. Never seen a ponzi scheme this big and successful

  12. Yea, and the government seamed to just pull the rug out from under it, i would think there would have been a more concerted effort at a soft landing.

  13. From what i understand. Its the people who are boycotting on their mortgages because the companies responsible for construction just werent building them

  14. I thought the government put new requirements on the construction companies which started the slowdown and subsequent collapse

  15. China is just casting aspersions to deflect from their internal cluster fuck if a crisis

  16. That sounds like a setup for some sort of defense.

  17. As my favorite podcaster has said, “Your mental illness is not your fault, but it is your responsibility.” And that has helped me a lot.

  18. Like Kendric says "I got daddy issues, that's on me"

  19. Right out of college my daughter worked a short time for a company; paperwork, cubicle. Hers was across from a guy, where you could overhear conversations easily. He was on the phone with his wife telling her where to pump up her resume. Daughter knew the couple well and had been to dinner a few times with them.

  20. A background check normally checks employment history, salary, and maybe a title. They don't check exactly what you did most of the time. Most former employers want to spend as little time as possible and only cover the facts to reduce the cost and liability.

  21. yea, been there done that, and its not much more than "did they work here, from X to Y, did they make Z, any discipline problems, any reason you think they would be an issue, is there anyone else we should talk to" They really don't verify your duties because let's face it if you have worked there longer than a year or two, your boss probably cant remember what the hell you did one way or another.

  22. You mean someone who is honest and is tired of his bullshit.

  23. Where do i send the stickers of Greg Abbot to be included with the phone bill that says "I Did that" At least they will be accurate.

  24. Don't take their threats lightly; when Republicans tell you who they are, believe them.

  25. Hillary was the subject of a decades-long character assassination.

  26. He does not believe a word coming out of his mouth, this is pandering for ratings. I refuse to believe he is that stupid.

  27. Yea, i was just thinking, "It will be nice to have LSU as a gimme this year" then i pulled my head out of my ass.

  28. Not only was it unauthorized, but it was also bad, like two tom cats fighting bad.

  29. On the Kobra there is firmware for the display as well, don't know if the Plus has it.

  30. The only firmware found was for the mobo 2.8.4, so the display firmware ha snot been updated, dont know if that is any issue, but sure might be.

  31. You can get the proper firmware at

  32. Go it, auto-leveling worked after i did the preheat manually, then starting the auto leveling.

  33. I believe Wyoming has a sore loser law (22-5-302) that precludes primary losers from appearing on the ballot in the general election.

  34. I am surprised that passes any constitutional muster. but states do have alot of control over thier elections

  35. The term "parse" is a stretch, as people have pointed out, you cant really parse with only a regex, instead you pattern match the HTML to extract different pieces of information.

  36. His Comments Are Culturally Uneducated Sour Grapes.

  37. Smart-ass, take the up vote.

  38. Protected by the mayor? that sounds like corruption, take it to the sheriff (if they are in the US) Sheriff is not necessarily beholden to a city official. If that does not work, take it to the state AG.

  39. yea, peaches which she is going to go sell along the side of the road. Its one thing to take a few for personal use, still stealing, but OK, but this amount, yea that's not personal use.

  40. I get it, i was at home yelling my ass off, could not get to sleep that night. But no, our "beast" has been and will be a Natty, that's it that's the game, that's why we pay Jimbo so much, that's why the Alums put so much behind NIL. Beating LSU and Bama are nice, but they are just stepping stones along the way.

  41. Too be fair I think jimbo will get you there, it’s just whether it’s fast enough for you. You guys have the talent, and he’s a proven winner. He just needs a quarterback

  42. I have always though the we gave coaches a chance, in some cases maybe too much of one, but in this case the contract with Jimbo does a lot to make sure we give him that chance.

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