1. For you it's a waste of time, for me it's my rules and immersion I get from ''being in the game''. My opinion is that flea is for lazy people who bought the wrong game. BSG did this to gain more people playing it, like what the fuck in the first place.

  2. I am pretty sure he could run faster than light as he could travel back and forth in time.

  3. This is how my Escape from Tarkov stash looks like.

  4. I don't understand how did you even get zapped. Don't you wear gloves? In any case, the material is grounded and your body has higher resistance than the metal so how did enough voltage got through your body for you to feel it? Were your palms sweaty, mom's spaghetti or something?

  5. We have a guy like this, using square as a hammer.

  6. 42 degrees celsius is normal. Your fridge is good.

  7. ''tattoos are for something important''

  8. So basically a welding robot with TIG and a turntable in X axis. Have you contacted Walk welding yet?

  9. That Teslas's microchips next to that car must be like: What the fuck am I supposed to do now? Well fuck it just go straight.

  10. It seems cool but imagine going down and your doing your thing then you turn around and there’s a giant Cthulhu looking thing staring at you

  11. Bad example, like, this would be exactly why I would go for underwater welding.

  12. Half of the ''everyone'' be like: ''Who the fuck are these?''

  13. Tenis complex na Wupertalskej ci jaka pica sa ta ulica vola do marie. Maju tam tenis, squash, bendminton, posilku, da sa tam najest, vela parkovacieho miesta. Chodil som tam v zime do posilky.

  14. Otec mal dve dcery - Bohumilu a Kristinu. Potom zvolaval - Boha Krista domov..

  15. Boha Krista Mariu kupujce svate obrazky!

  16. No pockat odkial mas ten prvy SS?

  17. Yes, ray receivers need time to reach their max efficiency. They have a set maximum power transmission that you can increase. For example, 1 ray receiver can harness 15MW of solar power at 42% eficiency and 100% continuous receiving. So if you had 2 ray receivers at 100% continuous receiving, they would be able to cover your whole olar sails output you currently have.

  18. What's funny is that I don't even know what silk is so I assume it must be terrible

  19. Oh so that's why you posted it into funny. Because you have no idea what any of those words in your shitpost mean.

  20. Or SVT-40, SVD, SV-98, PKM, etc.

  21. FYI sand starts to boil in it's whole volume and vaporises at this temperature.

  22. Actually, at this temperature, the sand starts to boil and vaporises. Melting point of sand is 1700 degrees celsius.

  23. Vyhliadkova veza v Kosiciach. Auto odstavis na parkovisku pri ceste a dalej ides peso, uz nepamatam kolko.

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