1. I gotta ask.why are American so obsessed with wall mounting TVs with a huge hole in the back of the wall? Doesn’t it mess with isolation and stuff? I dunno. I have never seen anyone in Norway do this. Most people keep their tv on their IKEA media cupboard, or they wall mount it and run the cables in a a plastic cable thingy down to the IKEA media cupboard. :)

  2. Same here! I've never understood the appeal of cruises. To others who feel the same way (or maybe don't know that they should ;) ) I always recommend David Foster Wallace's hilarious story (and excellent anthology of the same name) "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again."

  3. There are different cruises though. Perhaps avoid the stupid American ones, but a ride on Hurtigruta up the fjords of Norway will probably be a great cruise

  4. Assuming he’s basing his fragrance selection on the kind of cruise, he probably would’ve brought Viking or something like that for a fjord cruise

  5. I dont think it should be allowed to be called a bomber jacket with that stupid preppy collar

  6. Wooow. I generally agree with some of these statements in here. But if you are a bunch of dudes sitting in a podcast making fun of a guy for getting emotional about his relationship to his kids. Fuck off. That’s some toxic masculinity right there. And they have the nerve to say he is special.

  7. You would be right if he hadn't constantly used his kids for an excuse not to make stuff he wants to make.

  8. Doesn’t matter to me. It’s still stupid to laugh at a man crying in 2022. No matter how much he talks about the

  9. Det kan du. Du betaler fortsatt renter, men med under 60% belåningsgrad så anser banken huset som nedbetalt. Man kan faktisk låne opp til 60% på huset selv om det antas at man ikke lever lenge kon til å betale det ned. (Om man er pensjonist for eksempel)

  10. Såpass! Takk for tips. Og hva lønner seg å gjøre med pengene? Sette på fond?

  11. Jeg vil anbefale deg å snakke med en rådgiver i banken om det. De vil lage et investeringsforslag til deg basert risikovillighet, alder og mulighet. 😊

  12. To be honest, if I look at some one the weird alpha male extrovert people I have met over the years who work in sales and for me fit into the Dior Sauvage type of guy vibe. They might actually like this type of behavior. “He’s just a a party bro like me, dude.”

  13. I gotta wonder how much these luxury fashion brands hate having weirdos and hatted fat slobs associate themselves with their brands.

  14. That does seem to be the only available influencers in the US at the moment

  15. Hjemmelagde boller smaker alltid kjipere enn dem fra bensinstasjonen. Uansett om morra di lager dem

  16. What is gents scents fragrance family? Is it a subreddit?

  17. So many respectable fragrance reviewers have samples and create content without a collection that would make a hoarder blush. His collection has nothing to do with journalistic integrity

  18. Do they though? If you want to do reviews and escpecially comparison reviews on video I think the content looks stupid with stock footage or in store videos of fragrance bottles. Or sample bottles. The bottles are important, they are a big part of the attraction for a lot of people. When it comes to displaying the fragrances I guess it can be a bit silly to display all of it. But when you are doing videos on YouTube you need some kind of background. At least his background lets you know he has some involvement in the fragrance community. If he wasn’t a full time YouTube creator I would absolutely think he deserves the critique. But as this thing is his livelihood I think it’s fine

  19. I couldn’t care less about his background or what the bottle looks like in his hands; I’m interested in the scent and the notes. And on a side note, he does use stock images in his videos when he displays the notes

  20. True, but he does hold the bottles in his hand and show of packing etc. it’s fine if you only care about notes or don’t care about backgrounds or whatever. But others might. It’s become a common style in YouTube. Look at any retro gaming YouTube and find someone that doesn’t have a huge shelf of retro gamers in the background. I think it has to do with YouTube being an enthusiast place, and people look for enthusiasts who share their hobby.

  21. I believe the latin term for it is «le douchebag»

  22. Yes, he is Trumpy from Make the Movies Great Again.

  23. Is it ironic or is does he lean towards those politics? Cause I gotta say that’s the biggest reason to not support cinemassacre yet.

  24. I like it. Especially the last photo. But more importantly you like it, so keep rocking it.

  25. This is the best advice! You can spend your thirties trying to be like everyone else, leave the teens and 20s to find yourself :)

  26. Damnit. Outside of his Malul episode and his knee-jerk reaction to people hating on Galleria (before he jumped ship from the brand 10 min later), I’m finding it hard to hate this guy. Definitely not I like hate on the people he’s referencing here.

  27. I think people hate on him mostly because of his appearances and clothing.

  28. This whole field of YouTube seems just geared towards adult males who can’t bother putting in the work to be interesting or talented, so they keep going to these fragrance and male lifestyle channels, Jordan Peterson and whatnot to get around it.

  29. These fragrance people need to stop dressing in suits on YouTube

  30. Greeting from Norway. Do you know how hilly it is up here? We need those sweet sweet e-bikes, baby. Can’t pedal my kids to kindergarten up the stupid steep hill from our house without one.

  31. Daniel has 7 bottles of Bleu Electrique because the hype for it died before he had a chance to resell them at a premium.

  32. Is it not because that particular fragrance is discontinued ?

  33. It is. And while I can understand having at least one back up bottle of a discontinued fragrance you really love, having seven is excessive, if not unnecessary. Especially if you have a collection.

  34. Yeah. Has to be son hefty everyday use. But to be fair the frag community on YouTube has been talking up this fragrance and manipulating people for a while

  35. Are compliments real? Or just a made up thing in the frag community? Like do you walk down the street and people compliment your perfume? Do colleagues compliment your perfume? Because in Norway that would be some borderline creepy stuff. Especially if it’s to a colleague of another gender

  36. They're real. I've had compliments from strangers and complimented strangers. I tend to only compliment men, as I don't want women to think I'm trying to create an opening for flirting or romance or whatever.

  37. Well to each it’s own I guess. I can understand how someone would want to smell good in the office, or at a party or on a date. Some people are more extroverts than me. Or have a personality where they like more attention.

  38. Jesus christmas…..🤦🏻🤦🏻 thanks alot to all you youtube jackoffs (yeah im mostly looking at you jeremy dumbass), we now have a generation of cucks thinking their getting a piece from wearing BDC and Sauvage (before they even OWN the fragrance!) smfh 🤦🏻🤷🏻‍♂️

  39. The 2000s to me is just watching scooby doo and going to school it wasn’t that special

  40. If you were a kid in the 2000s I would think your stuff would be Kim possible, Ben 10, recess, the suite life, etc.. but I do remember visiting friends in the Us that had a kid and he was very much into scooby doo for some reasons guess it got popular because of the movies

  41. Cartoon Network aired Scooby Doo constantly when I was a kid in the early 2000s. They ran the original show from the 60s to the then-current shows and movies and everything in between, literally every piece of animated Scooby media was in their rotation.

  42. Probably both. But I do remember there being a lot of scooby doo toys in stores around the same time as well. And the first movie came out in 2002, so it probably coincided. To be fair Cartoon Network has a LOT of old cartoons besides scooby doo to run. Including Tom and jerry and all the old looney tunes stuff

  43. Its not him selling them that bothers me. Its that he is either as truly ignorant as he acting which basically means he doesnt know what hes talking about and cant be trusted, or its all an act which means hes shitting on these products as an act to try and push people to his own.

  44. Well I’m not sure I agree. He seems to know a lot about the chemistry behind fragrances and has a specific taste that he wants to create through fragrance. If he’s been doing it for a while you can get into a bubble where you don’t really try other stuff than your own. I believe he has said in a previous video that he doesn’t really sample other fragrances outside his own work.

  45. Honestly i dont think there is anyone that i've found. Some of the hobbit guys (fragrance apprentice) old stuff is good but his videos can come across as him just sucking his own dick for 10 minutes.

  46. Yeah agree with ATH but at least he is very much open about him selling frags. That’s sort of his persona. It seems a lot of people like them as well. I have never tried any of them as they are not sold in Norway

  47. I think Teddy Baldasarre has figured it out to be honest. But he already came from the watch community

  48. Hvordan forbruker man en liter med milkshake? Shaker du litt utover flere dager, eller shaker du skikkelig umiddelbart?

  49. Good question. I think its it’s because I want it to be an easy way to look up perfumes and reviews

  50. Hate to say it but... Wordpress. It'll be a mission to build from scratch, but that's maybes what you're looking for.

  51. Btw I kind of looked into doing it with Sanity. But had the same user-issue there

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