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  1. It's not NIL. Michigan medical staff advised against back surgery, he got it anyway. Then they recommended a surgeon for it, he declined and got his own out of network.

  2. I thought it was weird he went to some random place for his surgery, including having to stay with a host family during prep and recovery. I wonder what the discrepancy is with Michigan's med staff and others that seems to run off players. This isn't the first or third time this has happened. Just super conservative with back injuries?

  3. Off the top of my head, Freddie Canteen, Benjamin St Juste, and Ondre Pipkins all were asked to medically retire at Michigan and then went on to play somewhere else.

  4. Tier 1b, I think I would refer to it as "national competitor, non-champion." I would say it's on level to Day, Kelly, Riley.

  5. You can't argue the non-champion part, but on the other hand he deserves credit for being not only successful at every place he's been, but dragging each team from the depths.

  6. Another year like this one would probably be great for his draft stock. At the moment I’m not sure if he’s getting talked about for the early rounds.

  7. Provided his injury has no long term questions, his stock is as high as it's going to get. I would absolutely love him to come back, but it makes all the sense in the world for him to go now, especially at a position with as short a shelf life as RB.

  8. People forget that Ann Arbor is pretty much where he was born and raised, I think the dude genuinely loves Michigan

  9. He moved his mom and dad back too, they live literally in the house behind Jim's. His son is/was in the theater program, and his daughter is on the water polo team. His younger kids are playing in the same sports leagues he did growing up in AA. The man has set down deep roots here. I think he saw last year as his last chance at the NFL and wanted to see what was possible, as well as potentially bad blood with how his contract was restructured in 2020. Now that that's in the past, I would be pretty shocked to see him leave.

  10. I don't watch sports live anymore. It sucks not to be able to participate in the live social aspect, but it's just not worth it anymore. DVR and fast forward through is the only way I can get through a sporting event now.

  11. Dono is so funny and I have no idea if he knows he’s funny or not

  12. He's definitely filled Ben Mason's shoes as person who talks in all caps.

  13. I literally flew from FL to MI, including the drive home from the airport in less time than this game went.

  14. Gain a QB, lose all our WRs. Hopefully we lose an OC too.

  15. Charlie Jones, after transferring to Purdue from Iowa in the past off season, out gained Iowa's WRs by 500 yards combined. Guessing that wasn't lost on these two guys.

  16. Michigan law says that if the gun is 'concealed' in your vehicle you need to have the concealed carry permit for it. It could be in his glovebox or trunk and it's not legal without a concealed carry license.

  17. That's not true. Unless you stow it according to the transport laws (cased and unloaded and "not readily accessible") it counts as concealed. A lot of people get in trouble when open carrying (no license needed) and stepping into a vehicle and it instantly becomes concealed carry under MI law.

  18. I have my concealed carry, and I got it two years ago. I did not know about this 45 day delay. It was never made clear in any of my trainings. And I got my Concealed Carry in Ann Arbor which is obviously very liberal and more "gun conscious" than many cities in Michigan.

  19. It's not a delay, it's a maximum processing time, i.e. if they don't deny you within 45 days, you are automatically approved even if they don't actually issue you the physical card. It's written into the law to prevent localities from using very long wait times as a defacto ban on issuing CPLs.

  20. Think the 2 stopper was still the fastest, checo made a few costly mistakes

  21. Red bull also didn't optimize Perez's two stop. He pitted very early and didn't have the tire delta he really should have had at the end. Lewis blocking him for one lap also was crucial.

  22. CDA is a small company of racers who do spend a lot of time making these setups, it's not right to abuse the subscription by mass downloading everything so I would implore you to reconsider, these guys work hard and are racers just like you and me.

  23. I've been a subscriber for over a year, their policy allows unlimited download after 3 months.

  24. OL are notoriously hard to rate and project. I hate the "trust the staff" cliche, but for this position they've earned it.

  25. I initially read pos as "piece of shit" and was like damn what did this kid do?

  26. Yikes, that does looks bad, lol. Fixed.

  27. Join a league or use LFM. It's a little more involved than just hopping in and getting races on demand, but worth it. Open lobbies are fairly scarce outside of peak times and 3-4 popular tracks.

  28. People thought the same about Roe, but they bait and switched SC Justices and overturned that, so...

  29. IMO, they should bring back engine modes, and maybe a push to pass system like Indycar instead of adding more DRS. I think enabling one lap earlier is only going to make more DRS trains as most cars will still be within 1s of each other.

  30. Lmao, what the fuck is this wording? Negligent asshole shoots student.

  31. Can someone explain the purpose of HOAs to a foreigner? Every post I see about them seems to purely feed a psychopaths boner for controlling people while making the victim pay for the privilege. How is it legal?

  32. They're just an organization of homeowners, think of it as a union or club. They can be as relaxed or onerous as the homeowners want to make them. You only hear stories of the bad ones, the good ones are utterly unremarkable and just handle mundane things like keeping the common areas maintained or organizing the neighborhood garage sale, etc.

  33. It never ceases to amaze me that Americans have almost a fetish for the undefined idea of "freedom", but allow things like HOAs, PTAs, or jobs to control a totally unreasonable amount of their lives.

  34. I'm probably one of the few here that actually has a HOA that I like. It's very relaxed and mostly just exists to take care of the common areas in the neighborhood, arrange a few activities/events a year, and have a bigger voice to the city when we need something (like getting more timely snow removal). Very rarely, it addresses extreme lack of upkeep or completely abandoned properties, but that's happened literally once in the 10 years I've lived here. It's not always the Karen fest it's made out to be.

  35. Maybe the whole exponential population growth so each incoming generation can prop up the outgoing one isn't model we should be aiming for.

  36. Take this bag of money and leave.

  37. Everyone needs to stop WFH and come into the office...

  38. Are these like subsonic rounds or does this imaging system make it easier to see bullets in flight?

  39. You can see bullet trace with higher magnification scopes, so I'd imagine with thermals it's even easier. However the trajectory of these rounds is very flat still, so it's closer range and not zoomed in that much. I still very much doubt subsonic rounds, probably just the thermal camera being better able to detect the contrast than with visible spectrum.

  40. Why the fuck are they disabling boats when they still have their own left to evac from that side?

  41. Could they have reacted worse to this if they tried? Guy one jumps out of his fox hole almost on top of the grenade. Guy two choses the worst of both worlds and neither gets out nor ducks into the hole and gets blasted in the face.

  42. Unless I am hearing things I definitely heard Max's engineer repeatedly ask him to let Checo through on the last lap, long before the last corner, with stony silence from Max rather than a reply.

  43. Also "not envisaged this scenario" is a joke. Checo brought it up in the sprint. And also what was "I already told you" all about then if you never thought about it before?

  44. The amount of forward thrust is proportional to engine torque and inversely proportional to wheel slip. As the tires initially start slipping, engine torque is still going up faster that grip is dropping.

  45. It sucks they lost last week and this game is basically for the B1G West for them. They're gonna pull out the stops and play as hard as they can to the end now.

  46. Are you guys worried about your slow starts when it comes to facing OSU and post-season play? Doesn’t exactly seem to bode well given that some of the top teams can score so quickly. Like you guys vs Tennessee seems like it would potentially be a bad combo.

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