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  1. “In line” nao “on line”. “On line” nesse caso significa pelo cabo ou fio ( pode ser chamada line” in English. Examplos sao :transmission line, phone line, etc…

  2. In minecraftBuilds I got 8k+ up votes, so If you want to use it somewhere, show it, or spread it, please mark me as the author. some people take ideas and don't specify the author, it's not nice. Thank you for understanding.

  3. Yes, that already happened, last year.

  4. So it wont be weekly. Then does that mean he'll just randomly drop a chapter every now and then vs the 10 chapters at a time? I guess we'll find out in "future issues."

  5. This kills the hiatus chart, well, it's been a good run.

  6. lol I guess I didn't do a good job investigating. To be fair, OP's activity is very similar to accounts that are taken over by bots.

  7. It's linked elsewhere in this thread, I just mirrored it to imgur.

  8. Oooh entendi, é uma boa ideia °>°,poderias me informar alguns subreddits nesse estilo de desabafos e histórias aleatórias? Na dm se puder

  9. Please, get familiar with our rules.

  10. It seems weird to me that one page has a page number "316".

  11. It's the page number from the magazine, you can see them

  12. Looks like it's going to be a normal hiatus after ch 400 hits lol

  13. You'd have to be high on copium to think otherwise

  14. I was... especially cause he posted about working on chapters post 400. I thought the next hiatus was gonna be shor but it's not looking good for us smh

  15. Oh I don't think a shorter hiatus is unreasonable, we'll probably get more updates on the next chapters now he's done with the current batch.

  16. The anime ended on chapter 339, you can start on chapter 340.

  17. What’s this copy pasta from? It’s my first time seeing it lol

  18. I'm calling it now, Sheila who just got confirmed to be from meteor city and a friend of the spiders, probably got killed by the Kurutas after we saw her for the first time in Kurapikas special chapter because she found their hidden village and the attack from the spiders was revenge, now the note they left behind with the motto "don't take anything from us" makes complete sense to me.

  19. Please review our spoiler rules before posting.

  20. Friendly reminder of our spoiler rules.

  21. Settings -> Privacy and Security > Security -> Uncheck "Use Secure DNS" in the "Advanced" section.

  22. No idea then, the website was behaving like in your screenshot when I first opened it, worked fine after disabling that config.

  23. She appears in the oneshot about Kurapika's past.

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