1. Why arent we building instead? Material costs are back to 5y before.

  2. material costs are not 2018 costs.

  3. Is it accurate to say that home prices have significantly increased due to the fact that many people were now allowed to work from home entirely remotely. These “zoomers” started to venture out to areas where they normally wouldn’t because of the distance from their office. In turn, sellers increased their prices to try and get these remote workers as their buyers.

  4. 4 hour commute before I give up muh 2.7% mortgage.

  5. $625 a month X 23 tiny hooms = $14,375 a month rent collected on the 3.5 acre tract in the boonies surrounded by trailer parks.

  6. Surrounded by trailer parks? This is a trailer park. It’s a hipster trailer park: you own the structure, someone else owns the land and you pay lot rent.

  7. Dang.. I just looked and a single-wide trailer is ~1000 SF. Those tiny hooms are half or 1/4 that size. Is there a food hall nearby?

  8. I would get a thorough inspection that figures out where all that water was coming from the stained the kitchen and closet ceilings because that looks like a couple of badass leaks. No central air which sounds like it wouldn't be a good time in GA so I'd earmark money for whatever that would cost to have put in down there.

  9. The Google street view in the listing shows the roof tarps detached and draped over the front of the house. It looks like someone tried repairing the soffits too. I think it's hiding some secrets.

  10. Hooms are better than apartments. Of course they cost more.

  11. Always a good thing to have a puddle under the electrical panel. Is that blue and red PEX pipe?

  12. Went to invooster invitational open house preview of this

  13. Thanks to my Hoomies for providing context to this shitty meme. 💯

  14. Planes are not as expensive as one may think. The one in the link is 65.5k. There are SUVs that cost way more than that.

  15. Why does the engine have twice the number of hours than the airframe?

  16. My advice -Just skip that page - it's depressing. The most important page is the one that shows that the Ring doorbell stays with the hoom.

  17. Can the tiny hoom be subleased as a STR?

  18. For all those weirdly butthurt about WFH and praying it ends, here is a research paper exhaustively going into detail about why that is absolutely not the case. It’s aptly titled “why working from home will stick”.

  19. Has anyone noticed a weird bounce in Zillow valuations? Did they change their algorithm? I follow a basket of properties in my market and all have suddenly jumped back near their last summer highs despite local MLS data down 5% YTD. I expected a small bounce this spring, but this seems unusually optimistic.

  20. My current Zestimate on my hoom that I bought a year ago is up 8% from my purchase price. While I was hoping it would be 30% increase, I"m still happy with 8% plus I get to live here. 👑

  21. This is why some rentards stay rentards.

  22. That ugly-ass white "marble" isn't going to age well.

  23. I miss the good old days when we talked about real estate in this here forum. 😢

  24. I picked my targets carefully..and today was no different

  25. The answer is that the lender orders an appraisal that the hoomowner pays for. The pain comes when the appraisal comes in low and PMI becomes a topic.

  26. I work in tech, people gotta understand that YC is for seed-stage startups. The vast majority of them fail. Bailing out lottery tickets because of a bank failure is crazy talk for the government. Horrible optics.

  27. It's the American Way. Privatize the profits; socialize the risks.

  28. "Lofty" ceilings that barely clear the door frames.

  29. It's special.. It has a open bafftub in the bedroom.

  30. It's a new paradigm, and everybody who doesn't buy, now, will be priced out forever. Anybody who does buy will be rewarded with a lifetime of riches, as their property will continue its 30% yearly price increase.

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