1. Weegar over committed.

  2. First time seeing them in person in a long time! Nice to see a win.

  3. Evened out pretty quickly by the baseball swing to the back of the leg. Someone tell Cozens the MLB is locked out.

  4. Don't do the first, the second won't happen. But you already knew that.

  5. Sure, but don’t complain about a shitty move in a hockey game when your guy did an equally shitty one two seconds later.

  6. Don't do the first, the second won't happen. But you already knew that.

  7. Are Sabres fans even awake right now?

  8. He's now slugging .486 w/ 8 HR over his last 43 games.

  9. I'm not gonna fire back, I don't blame him for reacting that way, because I would be pissed if other fans reacted to my team that way too, but it's the fucking truth, the Sabres are incompetent, I mean, they don't even employ scouts for Finland, Russia, or the WHL. They're the most incompetent franchise in pro sports and I say that as a fucking DETROIT LIONS fan. At least the Lions TRY.

  10. They try... The Pegulas have so sorely mismanaged their assets and do not realize how to build a hockey team and get out of their own way.

  11. He's incredibly fun to watch. He just makes defenses look stupid as soon as they come into the back field. I thought moving on from Rosen was a dumb idea. It turns out my mom conceiving me was the dumb idea.

  12. Oof. Not a fan of the Rowney and Ritchie play, but after the Ducks scored in the 1st, Sabres didn't do much to come back.

  13. I am losing my fucking mind watching this game. Can't let up the 3 goals, but my goodness that's a bunch of garbage from the Ducks.

  14. Hey, if they give up 3 goals...those are the breaks. It’s the officiating deciding the game by letting one team do whatever they want.

  15. It's been a tough watch. I am honestly a bit fearful for some of the safety of these guys. The fact that Sobotka got suckered and the guy only gets 4 is ridiculous.

  16. I don't want the Maple Leafs to win, but can you imagine a Leafs vs. Islanders series?

  17. So disappointing. I just want to stop sad drinking :(

  18. Middle 6 stinks and we have to learn how to play a good second period. We've been bad for years.

  19. Is the ice warm tonight or something? Seems like no one can keep the puck from bouncing right now. Very few clean passes

  20. Fuck off with fucking Malkin faking that

  21. Buddy, how would you like getting whacked in the head?

  22. Just want some consistency from the refs.. should be a PP for Penguins on the high stick and then the trip doesn't happen.

  23. That was an infuriating way to lose.

  24. I would be livid if I was a Wild fan. You outplayed us basically the whole game. I thought it was going to be a 3-point night.

  25. Bummer -- Hank stood on his head and the Sabres decided to not start the 2nd period.

  26. Eichel must be working on his face offs lately. Last four games: 8/16 50% | 7/15 47% | 10/15 67% | 9/13 69%. Tonight 8/12 67%.

  27. He's been much closer to 50% this year -- I think 48.3% entering today. Good to see!

  28. Ooof after that first we come back to this?

  29. Can't start games by taking two penalties it killed them, and then they took a bunch more in the second.

  30. He has to pass better. I am not a fan of those dumps up the ice that he does.

  31. 4 games ago? 3-0-1 with black tape... Clearly that's why we are winning.

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