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  1. Yeah Kyra, I thought the Kara I wrote looked weird but I couldn't remember what else would be her name :D

  2. Omfg the romance scenes with Kyra are beautiful

  3. I am going to get there with Alexios :-) I like Kassandra with Thaletas :-)

  4. Yeah, I figured that would be the case :) I played Kassandra with both of them; they were both beautifully done. I might look up a video on keeping Thaletas alive at some point.

  5. “If you’re lucky enough to find someone you can halfway tolerate you sink your nails in and you don’t let go.” When Bojack was talking one of the brides back into marrying the other - Taneesha and Karen. TaNEESHa… KAReeen..!

  6. Fuck, OP. I’m so sorry for such a shocking and traumatizing loss. It helps to remember the fun times, or even the times where you got in trouble with him when you were a kid. The numbness fades slowly over time, and so does the pain, but you’ll remember him every day. It fucking sucks now, but it will get better in increments. Don’t feel bad if you seem to “stop crying” earlier or later than others; people grieve differently. It’s going to be okay.

  7. He’s such a beautiful boy! And that crochet blanket is awesome. Do you know where one might find the pattern ?

  8. Young me saw Sailor Mars' legs and it was all over for me.

  9. Jupiter was my favorite, but I wanted to be like her. Uranus and Neptune were my gay awakening when I was thirteen, but I had previously had (unknown) crushes on other girls in grade school. I just didn’t know that meant I was a lesbian. Came out at sixteen; went well but was totally awkward for a while because they knew now.

  10. Jason, because he lead his teammates to hunt down a classmate in order to kill him. When that didn’t go his way, he tried to kill one of his own teammates. Angela might be a raging bitch who deserved a broken nose and the resulting humiliation (especially when she can’t press charges), but Jason is the worst.

  11. You might just say "I'm so dissapointed in JK Rowling!" and see what they say.

  12. She could also see what they think of John Cleese supporting Rowling’s opinions. That made me really sad to learn, because I grew up loving his show Fawlty Towers. Tbh, I still watch it every once in a while. Rowling, on the other hand, can bite me

  13. It isn’t as bright with sunlight, although there are sunny days. It feels like playing in a perpetual autumn with the last dregs of summer clinging on

  14. Sounds like the WoW freak out kid.

  15. I half expected a squeal like when he tried to shove a remote up his butt through his shorts

  16. Evil fucking piece of shit I hope he rots in the worst possible ways

  17. I enjoy it just because of that scene where Pam is jumping around like king kong

  18. That’s hilarious and uncomfortable and sweet and thanks for trying to show how accepting you are Grandma :)

  19. Second Matrix film I think. I know he’s the Keymaker and that when the main trio tried to rescue him there was an awesome highway chase scene.

  20. Agreed. I live in Pembrokeshire, large influx of tourists during holiday seasons. One of the beaches, Freshwater West, was used to shoot for the shell cottage and Dobby's grave. Among other films. They tore down the shell cottage after filming, but there's a mound of a small stones with tributes to Dobby at the location of the grave. I think it's innocent enough, but recently the local council have had discussion about removing the stones. If the cottage were still there though, I imagine it'd be 1000x worse. Right now it's just a little spot that, if you happen to be in the area and like Harry Potter, you'd take a look at. With a building from the film's I bet it'd be a huge tourist attraction/ Harry Potter Mecca.

  21. I once had the honor of visiting my aunt in Pembrokeshire. She lived maybe ten minutes from Freshwater; it was truly a beautiful little town where she was. I would hate to see it overrun with Harry Potter tourists.

  22. The change in hue is so slight that it seems like part of the pattern. It comes off as the auroras being bright enough to lighten that portion of the sky between them. I like it.

  23. Aww thanks! And yea I mean I smoke like 3 cigarettes a year is it really that big of a turnoff to smoke a cigarette once in a blue moon and actually admit to it? I mean if this many people think so I don’t mind quitting seeing as how many people have said this.

  24. If people let a few social smokes get in the way of a potentially great relationship with someone like you then they’re 1) not worth your time and energy and 2) you’ve dodged a bullet. I think it might be worth it to mention that you participate socially, but that is just me as a non-tobacco-smoker

  25. Or, you know - they might have asthma or other lung conditions. Or childhood trauma. It's surprisingly common around it.

  26. Yeah, you’re right; good point on the potential triggers.

  27. Yes exactly. There’s rose vine all over the side entrance. Glad I’m not the only one who found it.

  28. The one that’s involved in a quest ? I always loved that area. I think Mykonos is my favorite island because of that area

  29. I think so! Or at least something along those lines

  30. I know that child isn’t a newborn but omg her head is nearly big as the older girl’s!

  31. I’m also ace lesbian, and with a transbian :) we have two cats

  32. This reads like one of those old Myspace surveys that people would send around. Wow.

  33. 2 weeks ago my mom, at 61, had to have her foot amputated due to poor health and diabetes. And My dad, 62, is my best friend in the world.

  34. As someone who lost their dad too soon, write down every boring question you think of, and ask your parents. Maybe they can write the answers if that’s how they operate, or you can record your conversation. Take photos and video clips of everyday things. It’s not something to look at at first when the grief is brand new; it’s something to help nudge your memory a few years down the road when their voice begins to become fuzzy in your memory. :)

  35. Ahhhh ewww. I hate those weird tentacle things in the gills. Not really trypophobia but whatever you call it I'm shivering looking at those.

  36. Those ackshually Are the gills :) surface area for greater gas

  37. Don't partial amputations like this often stop bleeding on their own pretty quick. Something about blood vessels contracting.

  38. They can; it was also elevated so that may have played a part in the lack of blood loss. IIRC, when the body is in shock as he surely is, blood flow is shunted to the major organs. There’s a real small chance that no major vessels were severed in the accident. Also, someone should be holding his head so it is in its anatomical position (i.e., holding c-spine) while another works to resuscitate him. I don’t remember much about assessing trauma etc; I took a certification class ten years ago. Sucks to be this dude, truly. I hope he was ultimately okay

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