What kink deserves to be shamed?

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  1. I also spend more than $2 a rag, but like someone else mentioned: shit was more affordable back in the day. I haven't bought my own cleaning supplies before 2019, even then I bought paper towels because I was ignorant lmao perspective

  2. TLDR: ignore the gaybashers (they're everywhere), but please don't ignore yourself. Depression makes us lose energy, take care of yourself, friend ✊🏾🏳️‍🌈♥️

  3. Yeah and that hate comes from fear ultimately. Fear of a different life that you don’t understand.

  4. This is also a more psychological definition of the suffix, for that reason I agree. It's a testament to the hater's repressed desires/stifled opportunities, nothing to do with OP. "'Tis an ish-you, not an ish-ME".

  5. Well they're also true allies for telling you that you're being super ignorant and offensive, so yeah I'm with with ya on that

  6. I think a lot of people forget (most of? but probably all??) the entire world has been oppressed by white people. As a Black & Native person, I am used to Black people/Africans assuming I am white or Hispanic, but I am just mixed. Even still, some people may hate me for that. Mentalities are different in different places.

  7. La Mammonia is shit. We bought a pack of water bottles from a local store to bring back to our room and they stopped us in the lobby and said it was “improper” to bring our own water (IN A DESERT IN SUMMER) and took our water bottles away, saying we could only have them individually if we asked the front desk for them. Royal Mansour which is very close by is incredible. Also Aman Tokyo was one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at. Good job on the trip!

  8. Absolutely astounded they took your water - I thrive off Evian. Glad we're staying at the RM lmao

  9. Absolutely but there’s many cases where actual officials literally won’t do anything because they don’t think it is. I don’t think it’s right for them to do that, but it happens. I also don’t know if there’s a law about this kind of behavior directly.

  10. "Stalking"? "Inappropriate conduct with a minor"? There's many other possibilities to prosecute, those are the first two off top my head.

  11. Seriously. Who uses parentheses when they mean quotes? A horrendous error.

  12. My friend did shrooms with me and said I looked like a dragon for a while when smiling. Now this afternoon I see this, so I am cackling on the toilet lol

  13. Wow I think that looks cool af, love the teal! I've been looking into getting an L-stem instead of another downstem. Might also just get a beaker lol

  14. This is when I feel bad for the options across the pond.

  15. I was pretty meh about your whole post but then you said you save Denny's syrup and it explained everything 🤮

  16. Totally know what you mean, first time I made the mozzarella herb chicken, I was horrified, then delighted lmao I'm glad you had a nice meal!!

  17. My friend kept calling it a "party favor" (like a regular balloon), then it "was like a blimp, right??" lmao we just laughed and told her, "No Sarah, it's not a weather balloon or a blimp, it's spying on us."

  18. “To test your dedication to improve Sino-US relationship”

  19. I cannot seem to find this "last" button you speak of, but that is good to know! I often forget numbers lol

  20. Should be right below the weight and rep fields for each set, assuming you have prior data for the exercise.

  21. Since people are interested in the Hoj KLIP grinder. I’ve owned the KLIP for two years and only used the klip in those two years. I would not recommend getting this grinder. For the $150 price tag I would go with the Santa Cruz Shredder, or the Grinders for Life BCG.

  22. Thanks for saving my time, investigating BCG, *been considering a Santa Cruz Shredder

  23. I just purchased my BCG this week. Never been this excited over a grinder. Which model did you go with?

  24. My apologies pal, I will update as soon as I get one lol but it will be in 2-3 stoner weeks...

  25. I was sitting in on training with a new HR trainer because I was up next to explain the company IT policy.

  26. You and Barbara are a couple of Streisands, indeed 🤣👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  27. Nah, you shove a bunch of steel wool in there and put crack on top of it.

  28. Totally thought this was a nail, then I realized "terp pearls literally wouldn't work in that", then I realized there was no bottom, now I want one so I can make a moonrock and hay on top.

  29. The only reason it's not a perfect song is that the 1:38 lead in is just a hair too long

  30. Idk what Dry January is, but congratulations and good luck, pal

  31. 420 cleaner is amazing!! Find at your local head shop. I’ve always done salt and 90% iso but 420 cleaner is soooo good and convenient. Also somewhat reusable! (I don’t do this because it’s messy and kinda gross but friends say they reuse it over and over)

  32. Next time I'm headed to CA I'll come back and ask for more info lol

  33. Fire department probably came and cut the gate for them. That is exactly what they would do though since you could cause more damage + higher risk of infection if you take the hand off in the field and leave with a massive open wound

  34. Never be scared of downvotes, be scared of ruining the joke

  35. I have converted and the light is warm. Thank you again, friend

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