1. It almost didn't have enough signatures so this is pretty exciting news. I think it will pass which will be super cool to have another red state legalize.

  2. As a conservative Missouri voter, I’ll be voting to legalize it.

  3. Nice. I think it will pass considering that Montana and South Dakota both voted to legalize in the last election by a pretty wide margin. I'm not sure though because it does seem like there has been a slight shift lately among conservatives in going against legalization. Some of the Fox News hosts have really been beating that drum.

  4. CBS needs to do their research. It showed a map of states that have legalized medical and it didn't even have FL? It's been medically legal here for 3+yrs.

  5. So much hate here for a thread dedicated to something claimed to be nothing but peace and love.

  6. Yeah I actually like the guy for some of the important technological advancements he has helped bring into the world. Plus he openly embraced cannabis on Rogan's show which means a lot coming from someone of his stature as far as helping to reduce stigma surrounding its use.

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